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Dr. Jim Baughman

Dr. Jim Baughman


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Dr Jim Baughman is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr Jim Baughman's show is called Asking Dr Jim. The show is dedicated to wellness through nutrition and slowing the aging process ..internally and externally with Nu Skin Products and the Galvanic Spa.

On-Demand Episodes

We will discuss in 30 minutes what you can do to add years to your life and health to your years. We are at a crisis iin healthcare becasue we as individuals are not taking resposibility for our own health by getting educated on health prevention.... more

In 15 Minutes I will share with you How My Company Discovered The Source of Aging! Most importaly How You can Manage the Aginig Process! SCience has answered the Source of Aging when science unraveled the Human Geneome in... more

The truth about diets! I am sure you have had this problem. Sam said," I denied myself GOODIES almost everything except water and I still gained weight. " I starvet for six weeks and gained the 20 pounds back in six weeks plus another... more

More evidence that BPA and the subsitute BPS is harmful to your health says Health Hub From Cleveland Clinic!

We will explore 38 years of helping people like you. Education is the key to success in any avenue in life. Understanding Gluten! Understanding the relationship of what your are eatiing and your health!

Does this sound like you: I have loss 200 pounds in my life but I can not keep the weight off! Why is it so hard to manage my weight? I am programed by my genes to gain weight! I starve myself for weeks and months and when I start... more

We will Discuss the truth about the flu. Solutions to protecting yourself and your family that you have in the house right now! How to determine if my lifestyle is working in my favor to protect me againt the FLU!

We will share the latest gene based science that is turning everyone's head. This science was discotered after the human genes all 25,000 of them were maped.Now science has the ability to turn back on YOUR YOUTH GENE... more

We will discuss the latest technology applications to give your the Gift of Health, Wealth and Time Freedom!

We will review the casue of most headaches and help you find a fix!
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