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Dysautonomia......What The Heck Is That?

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Have you been diagnosed with MCS, CFS/ME, Mold/Biotoxin Illness, POTS, OI, GWI, Fibromyalgia, Neuroimmune and autoimmune diseases?

Does your pulse race when you change position?

Do you have funny feelings that no one can explain?

Do You Have a "Hidden Illness" and Now Things Are WORSE?

What do they all have in common?....DYSAUTONOMIA!!

On Monday, May 12th at 8PM Eastern, Dr Armine explains this condition. Like much of what we have talked about over the months....Dysautonomia comes in many shapes and forms...like a thief in the night to steal you life! Its uses name like POTS, OI, MCS, etc.

What is needed and necessary to defeat this thief? A simple attitude.....as was stated in the movie, "Network".

Repeat After Me:

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take it Anymore!!!!!  I am not going to listen to the naysayers! I am not going to believe in physicians who are taught by Big Pharma NOT to heal me. Even friends who just think I am making it up!

Be Mad as Hell and become EMPOWERED with proper information!

Yes, I AM angry because there are so many suffering who could be helped but for lack accurate information. Sooooo....In Honor of International Awareness Day (Lyme disease and MCS, CFS/ME, GWI, Mold/Biotoxin Illness, Fibro, Neuroimmune and Autoimmune diseases...Let's Get Mad As Hell!