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DrX Jeanette Raymond

Relationships success without the stress


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Dr. Jeanette Raymond is a licensed psychologist and expert on relationship problems. She has written over 75 articles on relationship stress, relationship conflict and intimacy. She has produced an e-book and audios on the 7 key secrets to successful intimate relationships, and offers a bimonthly newsletter with essential relationship tips available at http://howtobuildhealthyrelationships.com Dr. Raymond has helped many individuals, couples and families read each other more accurately and communicate more effectively. She shows people how to manage bad feelings, taking you from fear and frustration to fulfilling relationships.

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Jealousy is a powerful emotion that overwhelms your mind and body and hijacking your peace of mind. It's one of the most painful feelings that you can experience, making you want to lash out, punish and reclaim what's yours.... more

It's scary when you notice that your partner appears to lose interest in you and isn't responding to your efforts to connect. Panic at the possibility of losing your partner can be overwhelming and turn you into a suspicious person, interpreting... more

If you have suffered the pain of a betrayal from a loved one it's likely that you have lost self-respect and self-worth. You probably feel small and somewhat out of control of your life. When you are the mercy of a loved one who treats you... more

It's crushing when you feel betrayed by a loved one. One minute you feel significant and valued and the next you feel like you didn't matter a jot! Depending on how you handle it you can either be robbed of your self esteem and... more

How many times do you get chewed out if you make the effort to help and criticized when you don't? Whichever side of your loved ones needs you try to please, they skewer you with the alternative! It can sap you of energy, make you... more

It's infuriating, demeaning and demoralizing to be blamed for almost everything especially from your nearest and dearest. When your efforts to prove your innocence or the injustice of being held responsible for things you are not in... more

How many times have you gritted your teeth and said "it's not fair?" Did it get you anywhere? Did life become fairer or did you just continue to feel bad, sad and mad? When you feel feel life isn't fair you are absolutely right, but it doesn't... more

In part 3 of my series on managing bad feelings I will tell you how to avoid the frustration and regret of wishing you had said something at the right time. Sometimes you get so caught up in trying to protect yourself from hurt that you... more

Don't you just wish to disappear when you are embarrassed in front of people you care about? How many times have you prayed for the ground to open up and swallow you? How often have you wanted to have a thick skin so you don't feel... more

When you feel hurt, rejected or misunderstood by your loved ones it's hard for you to concentrate on life and progress. The bad feelings overtake everything and spoil your mood. The stress can be overwhelming. Relationships become... more
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