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Sex. Relationships. Comedy. Comedians Matt Black and Kristina McMillen bring a warped style of humor to trending topics, sex, relationships, sketches, and parodies. With comedians, strippers, adult film stars, and celebrity guests! You can see Matt & Kristina on the upcoming season of Sex Box on WE TV! Tweet at us during the show @DrHeckle or @MrsHeckle!

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What was once a very taboo topic has become something that women can talk about much more openly. The stigma that masturbation is wrong, shameful, has fallen away and given more life to the idea that women are allowed to more... more

Are old people still doing it? Baby Boomers are on the rise and one thing they aren't forgetting to do is have LOTS of sex! How many of them are protecting themselves from STDs? The number will surprise you! Today we're talking... more

You've all heard the stories from your friends.... Are crazy women really better in bed? Why do men think that and what makes them want to be with a crazy girl?

Today we've got a special guest who was in a relationship with a well known comedian! Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a relationship with a comic? Do you laugh through fights? Do you laugh during sex? What is it like to... more

Today we're talking about booty calls, casual sex, and friends with benefits! Have you ever had a friend that turned into a little more? Were you worried that it would ruin the friendship or were you excited at the chance to see if there was more?... more

Do you have friends of the opposite sex? Some people say that it simply isn't possible for men and women to be stricly platonic, while others claim they have lots of friends of the other gender and there are no issues. The standard of... more

Are you and your partner on different pages when it comes to sex? There may be more reasons behind that than you realize! We've got some of the latest studies with facts about love and sex that may surprise you! Did you know blood sugar... more

Does your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend stress you out? Relationships can be a huge challenge, even when you're with the right person. No matter what you do, there's always going to be stress in relationships. Is it possible to reduce... more

It's the first day of the new year and our first show of 2015! Do you have a boyfriend or husband that doesn't do what you want him to do? Wouldn't you like to know what it takes to get him to bow to your every whim? We're talking... more

We all know that more than half of all marriages end in divorce, but what does it take to get there? We've got the scoop on the 10 most common complaints of unhappy wives and husbands. What causes a rift between couples? We're going... more