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Sex. Relationships. Comedy. Comedians Matt Black and Kristina McMillen bring a warped style of humor to trending topics, crazy headlines, sex, and relationships. With comedians, strippers, adult film stars, and celebrity guests!

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Ladies!!! You're doing it all wrong!!! Do you think you know what turns men on? Do you really know what's going on inside a man's head? Are you doing the RIGHT things to turn him on? Men aren't always going to be honest about the... more

We all know that more than half of all marriages end in divorce, but what does it take to get there? We've got the scoop on the 10 most common complaints of unhappy wives and husbands. What causes a rift between couples? We're going... more

Everyone has advice on what makes marriage work, but for some reason most people can't seem to make them work. More than half of marriages end in divorce, but what about the ones that don't? There's more than just death on the... more

Are you able to tell sex facts from fiction? Tune in today to find out! We've als got Headlines, Crazy Train, Douche of the Day, Tweets of the Day, & Quiz Time! Can Kristina tell the difference between quotes from the movies Star Wars and Toy... more

Have you had a crazy Tinder dating experience? We're talking about the amazing, hilarious, and disturbing things that people have reported from using the Tinder app to meet people! Plus, Headlines, Tweets of the Day, Crazy Train,... more

On this very special Friday espisode we're going through some of the crazy messages that people send each other when trying to meet someone online. We're also asking the question, "Is social media ruining your relationship?" All... more

Online dating, casual sex, and one night stands... The trifecta of awesomeness...er something. Do you ever wonder why no one replies to your messages on online dating sites? We're going to talk about a woman who wrote... more

Today we've got it all! We're talking internet p*rn and the effect that it has on men, women, and relationships. Does your husband or wife watch too much ? Does it make you jealous? Are they obsessed with their computer and smartphone while... more

Tune in as we talk about infidelity and how to find out if your significant other is cheating on you! We've got 9 surprising facts about infidelity that you may not know! Why do people in happy marriages seem to cheat? What drives men and... more

The Dr. Heckle Radio Show is back! With all new awesomeness and all of the same old awesomeness too! Find out what we did over the summer, comedy shows, and remember why you missed us so much! Want to hear the latest on... more