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Dr. Gaila Mackenzie-Strawn is an expert in natural medicine. Join her each week as she presents information and topics that will help you achieve and maintain optimum health. Listen as she discusses natural approaches to health problems such as allergies, headaches, skin disorders, asthma, digestive problems and much more.

On-Demand Episodes

Have you tried everything and nothing is helping your vertigo? Find out what you can do to overcome your problem with vertigo.

Are you tired of suffering with the indigestion, gas, bloating, nausea and pain associated with gallbladder problems? Find out how natural medicine can help you to alleviate the symptoms associated with gallbladder congestion.

Tired of suffering the excrutiating pain of passing kidney stones? FInd out what you can do with natural medicine to prevent kidney stone formation.

Did you ever wonder if an imbalance in hormones could be causing your inability to lose weight? Find out about the 4 hormones involved in weight loss and the natural products you can take to permanently keep the pounds off!

Frightened at the thought of putting your child on ADHD medication? Find out if natural medicine has the answers for the issues you may be facing with ADHD.

Do you experience sudden surges of overwhelming anxiety and fear? Find out what you can do to eliminate panic attacks and regain control of your life with natural medicine.

Are you tired of being constipated? Has your doctor told you that it's normal if you only get relief every 5 or 6 days? Have you tried everything and nothing works? Find out what you can do to enjoy regularity on a daily basis.

Tired all of the time? Need to take stimulants to keep going? Find what you can do to regain your energy with natural medicine.

Tired of suffering with menstrual pain each month? Join us and find out what you can do to stop the cycle of monthly menstrual pain.

Frightened at the thought of taking drugs for post partum? FInd out how you can balance your brain chemicals and hormones with natural medicine.