Power Without Pills: One Psychiatrist's Guide to Healing and Growth


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Psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Murphy, has placed the show on hiatus until Power Without Pills: One Psychiatrist's Guide to Healing and Growth is published early next year. Keep checking back in case a special event is scheduled. Michael Brown or John E. Sarno, M.D. could be returning to the show! In the meantime, be sure and check out the links to other powerful resources on the web!

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Dr. Sklar and I along with Jonathan Tate discuss emotions and The Presence Process.

A Demonstration of Walking the Talk

  • by DrFrankMurphy
From a very recent email exchange: In a message dated 4/29/2010 12:42:47 P.M. Central Daylight Time drfmurphy@me.com writes:Hey, Dad,I was thinking yesterday about the sadness I have felt recently about you being in Viet Nam for... more

Changing the Show Name

  • by DrFrankMurphy
I talked to Dr. John Sklar today. I told him I thought I should change the name of the show to "Psyche and Soma in the Afternoon." He said it was too cute. I agree. So barring horrific upheaval somewhere that I am aware of (that is related... more

Psychiatrist, Dr. Murphy, engages in a conversation and an inquiry with Physiatrist, Dr. Sklar. Dr. Sklar trained with the world famous, bestselling author and NYU Physiatrist, John E. Sarno, M.D. We discuss back pain,... more

On January 24th, Dr. Murphy was interviewed for his local newspaper. The first hour of the interview is aired here for your enjoyment and benefit. Part II will be coming soon...

Awareness is the cure

  • by DrFrankMurphy
I read somewhere an interesting and possibly important way to categorize people is into these three groups: 1) Those that are actively seeking expanding awareness; 2) Those that are indifferent to expanding awareness; 3) Those that... more

Today's episode is partly live and partly pre-recorded. The first episode is reaired with a 10 to 15 minute live introduction during which the great news that my co-host, Jonathan Tate, is finalizing the arrangements for Michael Brown's... more

Today's show is about meditation and its benefit in our healing and/or personal growth. Today's guests will be Dr. John Sklar, a Physiatrist who trained with the world famous Physiatrist and bestselling author, John E. Sarno, M.D.; Douglas... more

What is a nocebo? Placebo is Latin for "I shall please." It is a "sugar pill" (a therapeutically inert event) that benefits the patient because of their belief in the matter. Nocebo is Latin for "I shall harm." It is something that is also... more

An hour with Dr. Murphy on his upcoming book. Unable to take callers for the first 15 minutes Dr. Murphy reads the introduction to his book and talks about how the book came to be. Then callers included a surprise visit from John Sklar,... more
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