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The Global Church and The Ministries of DrFaye Welcome you to the daily radio broadcasts: Radio Schedule • DrFaye Live Sunday 6:00 PM EST: Dedicated To Sharing The Good News In A Way That Disrupts Tradition And Doctrines of Men. • Prayer Cast Monday 9:00 PM EST: Dedicated To Providing An Opportunity For Those Who Miss The Early Morning” Wake Up And Pray “Conference Call. Join www.facebook.com/groups/wakeupandpray • The Grace Radio Network Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 PM EST: Dedicated To Teaching The Basic Message of Grace and The Finished Work Of Jesus. Students Of Grace Be Prepared To Grow In Grace! • Kings Counsel Trust & News Hour Wednesday 9:00 AM EST: Co-Hosted with Dale Collier, Trustee. This Broadcast Is Dedicated To Teaching and Bringing The Kingdom For Doing Business In The Marketplace. Learn Marketplace Ministry On The KCT News Hour. • Empower Me Now Friday 6:00 PM EST: Show Dedicated To Introducing Christian Products Or Services. • Global Church Live Saturday 10:30 AM: Never Miss Church Again When You Engage In Saturday Morning Church On Radio! Daily Global Corporate Prayer • Wake Up And Pray Monday-Friday 6:00 AM EST: Join DrFaye And The Social Media Intercessors As They Take Prayer To The Nations For The Nations. Call 218-548-4659 Code 2015#

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Need A Miracle Now? Ready To Experience Change In Your Everyday Life? Call Now To Join DrFaye For Prayer and Prophetic Mondays Donate Here Join Us For Wake Up And Pray

When You Look At Your Life What Do You See? Christ In Us The Hope of Glory, What Does It All Mean? Listen As DrFaye Shares This Revealing Truth! Donate Here Join Wake Up And Pray Here

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ is already in the world. DrFaye shares with us how God has annointed us to have what we say. Your life is measured by what you really believe.Confessing right things or wrong things will work.You will discover... more

Are you still trying to live right? Are you one of those people waiting for the day when you will be perfect? Listen as DrFaye shares this truth on why you can never get it right. Donate Here Join Wake Up And Pray Here

Are You Seeking God For Answers? The Spirit Of Prophesy Is One Way In Which God Reveals His Desire For Our Lives. Join DrFaye As The Holy Spirit Leads Her In Prayer and The Prophetic!

The spirit of the anti-Christ is already in the world! DrFaye Shares How God Has Anointed Us To Have What We Say. Your Life Is Measured By What You Really Believe. Confessing Right Things Or Wrong Things Will Work. You Will... more

Are You Struggling Between The New Covenant and Old Covenant Relationship. Listen As DrFaye Teaches the New Covenant from Isaiah 11 and 12 11 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out... more

Are You One Of Those People Waiting To See The Hand Of God Move? Stop Distractions, And Your Vision Becomes Clear. Listen As Our DrFaye Explains How A Crowded Or Cluttered Mind Kill Dreams And Visions. Donate Here Join... more

You One Of Those Christians Who Always Blame The Pastor Or The Church? Listen As DrFaye Explains How You TooiCan Stop Whining And Start Living! Let This Mind Be In You Which Was Also In Christ Jesus. Start Thinking What God... more

Jesus Really Did It All. He Left Nothing Undone. He Only Asks That We Believe. Listen as DrFaye shares from I Thessalonians 5:12-24. 12 And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labor among you, and are over you in the Lord,... more
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