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  • Cashless Society- I will talk about the implementation of the Cashless Society. They say cash is dirty,cost bankers and the government too much etc. They are training us now to get used to the full scale implementation of the Cashless Society. Your owners want to track you everywhere you go-ID for anyone under 40 when you buy cigarettes or alcohol, Shopper cards to get the deals at almost all retail and grocery stores,2 forms of ID and thumbprint to cash check at bank that doesn't have all your info, ID scanned at bars nightclubs etc. (My wells fargo story) and Big Banks
  • Hugo Chavez- Hugo Chavez Nationalized Oil in Venezuala and was selling the Black Juice cheap to his people as well as enemies of the West such as China and Russia, The Oil Cartel killed him for this. Chavez was far froma dictat or tyrant he was democratically elected by his people four times and had a very high approval rating by his people way above 50%. Chavez was outspoken on US imperialism he called Bush the devil etc.
  • Police State/Big Brother/Big Government-all being grouped together to scare the masses from socialism-telling the "truthers" that a socialist government will bring a police surveilance state. The police state is here and coming without Socialism.
  • Privatization of Drones to spy on you along with cameras everywhere on traffic lights,highways,stores,roads,in buildings etc. and how americans only care when things directly effect them-
  • Syria and the US now openly admitting they are backing the foreign insurgents in Syria
  • Made up story about the capture of Osama Bin Ladens son in law to justify the "war against AL Quada" in Afghanistan and The United States continued prescense there...O boy they have a picture of a dead muslim man this time