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national and international syndicated radio show providing advice, insight, and counseling- consultations to individuals experiencing the issues of life.

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Eric Rogers, Ph.D. is an Educator, Consultant, Life Coach, Columnist, Radio Host, Pastor-Teacher, Professor of Psychology and Counseling in Chicago, Illinois and Author of ?Save My Black Son? a sociopolitical analysis of raising and addressing black and brown minority males in American Society. A 30 year higher education veteran, former ?Teacher of the Year Recipient,? Federal U.S. Justice Department Officer and Harvard graduate, Dr. Rogers discusses issues and challenges from his latest book publication "Save My Black Son". Save My Black Son is a sociopolitical analysis and critical commentary regarding the state of raising and developing minority males in American society. Eric Rogers, Ph.D., Professor, Educator, Life Coach and Author, offers a honest, brutal, raw and direct confrontation against traditional thought with realities, reflections and responsibilities that provide both insight and inspiration for change. Dr. Rogers offers a commentary on Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown (Ferguson, Mo) and law enforcement in the U.S. Education Parenthood Sex Relationships Crime Money Matters Self Esteem Fatherhood Crime/Police Brutality
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In the age of Generation X, Y and Millenials, today's kids are becoming a nightmare before our very eyes. From teen pregnancy, bullying, failing school, killing parents, addictions to facebook, twitter and instagram to video games,... more

Dr. Rogers entertains the reality of marriage (happy and successful marriages, communication issues, unreal expectations, infidelity, divorce, regrets, dysfunctional sex, friends outside of marriage, love language and expressions,... more

Explosive! Provocative! Unapologetic! Look! It is what it is. So get mad and get over it. People have issues. They often disappoint us. We don't say no even when we know better. We make decisions we are often regret. People use... more

We all have them in our lives....difficult, annoying and agitating people. Whether it's family members, relatives, co-workers, friends, friends of friends or simply people we meet, people can be difficult. It's time to stop running and avoiding... more