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The Dre O Radio Show, Host by Andre


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BlogTalk Radio show, hosted by Andre L. Ogburn CEO of North Starlink Corp. Show contents that will be family oriented and community aware. Andre` brings with him Kimberley Hart- Ogburn at Clinical Therapist and Host of the "Heart 2 Hart "with Kimberley Hart.

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Thank God it's Friday! We will wrap it up with the topic "The Pulpit is Abused" Today you will also hear Episode 3 of S.C.A.M. (Spiritual Collaberation Annoited Ministry) Comedy Segment. Join Andre` Ogburn and Moses "Mojoe" Edwards... more

ith all of the scandals, misrepresentation of the gospel and deception in spiritual leadership, There is a need for transperancy in the pulpit. The pulpis as abused by many on Sunday morning. I will talk about the different forms of abuse of... more

Today you will hear the 2nd episode of the funny comedy segment S.C.A.M. With Pastors Chester Moore and First Lady Getta Lota Moore. New episods are on Monday,Wednesday,and Friday. We are going to be running the interview with J... more

Today I will be interviewing J Powwe, the former member of the U.N.V. or, Universal Nubian Voices, was a male quartet that came onto the scene in 1993 out of Lansing, Michigan with their debut album, Something's Goin On.... more

If you need a website, try No experience needed. 1. First Episode of S.C.A.M. The Pastor & The First Lady (Comedy) 2. Live with Host Andre` Ogburn and Co Host Moses Edwaeds...Topic Why Black Business Fails... more

Welcome to one of the most celebrated holidays and yet one of the most controversal holiday among the Christian community. Why is it that Christians look at Halloween as a evil holiday and not a day for an opportunity to bring... more

Attachment is a special emotional relationship that involves an exchange of comfort, care, and pleasure. Today show is a reach back to our archives as the Host Andre` Ogburn talks with Psychotherapist, Kimberley Hart - Ogburn... more

Today we are going back to the archives where we have one of our greatest interviews with the Jazz artist steve trigg out of Saginaw Michigan now residing in Houston Texas. We had a lot of fun laugh and talk about past, present, and... more

Free Your Mind Friday.....Overcoming your fear. Fear distorts real life and makes it almost impossible to render logical decisions to life's problems around money,relationships, health, spirituality, work, and many other areas. In other... more

Ask yourself: do I spend my energy wisely? Do I place high value on myself? Do I make value statements thru my choices, words and actions? Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do... more
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