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The Dre O Radio Show, Host by Andre


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BlogTalk Radio show, hosted by Andre L. Ogburn CEO of North Starlink Corp. Show contents that will be family oriented and community aware. Andre` brings with him Kimberley Hart- Ogburn at Clinical Therapist and Host of the "Heart 2 Hart "with Kimberley Hart.

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It has been 15 years since the award-winning R&B group U.N.V. has been interviewed. We are the first to have this dynamic group to announce there return to the studio. U.N.V. (Universal Nubian Voices) once was recording... more

For men, lust is a heady or mindset experience. The brain has a wurge of testosterone that completely takes over all reasonable thought or ideas. Doctors has discribe this experience is closely related to being on cocaine. Can Lust... more

Today we are going to revisit the 10 steps to being yourself. I want to encourage you that you are almost there. The finish line is in site and the tape is ready to be broken. Andre` will cover some of the Biblical steps to being yourself. These... more

This is one of the most soght after episodes. We must understand the importants of individuality and being comfortable with that. We can sometimes loose ourselves when we experience rejection of who we are by those that we desire... more

Today on Motivational Monday we will have at 12:15 pm EST Pastor David Anthony Clarke talking about the "7 Keys to Getting Undstuck" exurp from his book,"Are There Any Questions? Living and Leading with an Equsitive Spirit.... more

Today's Free Your Mind Friday will be Open Discussion on the many topics this week. Everything from the last Habits you must quit to be happy to should you whip your kids? Also, I will be running Episode 9 of the S.C.A.M. (Spritual... more

Some say they want to change their city, their state, their country. Some even go as far as wanting to change the world. But, before we can take on such a huge task, we first must be willing to make some changes in ourselves. To change a... more

Should you or shouldn't you spank your child? At what point is it necessary to whip or spank? Psychological world say no, but the church sayes yes. A quote from Parent .com reads" A child's sex also seems to play a role. Boys, who are... more

We hear about the drawbacks of stress and how it can have a negative affect on your body.Stress is positive when it lasts only a short time and your body automatically relaxes once the stressful event has passed. Too much stress for... more

Want to wish everyone a happy Motivational Monday. Today, I will be replaying an interview with Author, Pastor and Inspirational Speaker Pastor David Anthony Clarke. You can visit his website at to get a copy of his... more
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