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The Other Side Of The Game...Epi. 1

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We've all heard the proclaimations from others that they know exactly who they are, what they are, and why they are. They're not afraid of anything, anyone, nor are they dysconfident with anything in their sphere of life. 

The reality of such claims is always bullshit.

The reason why it is always bullshit is because we all have masks. We all put on a character in the form of entertainment, depending on what situation we're dealing with.i,e. You don't bring your Saturday Night Party Hearty mask to work on Monday to meet your boss, and if you do. It is very well because you know you're boss on Saturday Nights and you can get away with the behavior. In the most general terms, we learn to keep taboo, distasteful traits of ourselves out of view from people that we need to impress, or that we percieve we must maintain a particular status with.

We wouldn't need to do this if we weren't always walking around making proclamations about our lack of insecurities--- knowing damn well what we think when other people do this in front of us, and it's blatently obvious that they are SHOW boating for the glory and don't realize this attempt is pitiful.


Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit

Scott Stphen Trio - 88keys

Tapestry beat @ the end, i believe is by Dilla. I'll find out for sure.