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    i know

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    Its all about the journey of life, how is your trip.. in this episode we will explore your journey to make sure you have all you need to mak it to the final destination..... on the road of life there are so many signs that if not properly undeastood can lead you the wrong path that can sometimes be disastrous.... at the same time if you find yourelf where you are not suppose to be, there are ways in which you can free yourself and get back on the right path.... make you lifes journey worthwhile...

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    The Church

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    Dominique McClain Barteet- The unedited advice to success

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    Dominique McClain Barteet, RPh a  pharmacist who created an original interchangeable shoe revolutioning the shoe industry with no business or design background to a multi- million dollar company in a few years gives unedited raw advice on how to make it happen. She has unorthodox ways but it makes it happen and succeeds. She was the season finale winner on ABC's Shark Tank reality show this summer and has decided to keep trying it on her own. Mistake? We will see.
        She had no backing or investors or experience but managed to realize her dreams. You can too with some hard work and good advice with a great dream or product.
          She is now filming a reality show on exactly how crazy it is behind the real success story-which is quite unbelievable and defies logic. You can learn a lot about life and business from a maverick in her own right who some may seem crazy-but crazy like a fox!
          Entertaining in the least and quite informative for those who really want to call in for some great advice on how to turn their idea into a business or just start a dream.
         Stay tuned for exciting stories, advice, and surprises-and shoes shoes shoes- Giveaways in the hour also for lucky listeners.
          The path is not easy but Dominique can certainly help you make it fun along the way!!
         Don't be afraid to call and ask whatever you think she can bring to the table--may be far fetched but has worked for her- 20 million in 4 years without even trying or a business plan-not recommended on that part- (but hey). Give it a shot and maybe get a free pair of shoes!
         See you there-stay tuned for fun and much needed advice that is not boring in the least!
    Expect some fun guests that crossed her path!

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    Living Outside The Box with Delayna Keller Watkins

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    Delayna Keller-Watkins is a global and award winning Registered Nurse and Certified Wellness Coach in the areas of self-care and personal wellness. For over 2 decades Delayna has been serving wellness seeking women and young girls through her seminars, products and programs. She is an author, motivational speaker, and founder of Delayna Keller Watkins, Inc. and Healthy Soul, LLC a lifestyle company designed to help women achieve optimal health and wellness through the integration of mind, body and spirit.

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    Hello welcome to my first episode

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    an introduce you to me

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    Real Talk Friday

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    LokoRob, BadBoi Mahbub in da buildin, we gettin krunk, we talkin bout booty, we watchin misfits. cue the basketball horn sound byte

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    Episode Seven featuring a short poem: Time. Music spot by Torley with "Psychomandeum". Torley's sounds can be found here: http://music.torley.com/
    Please donate to the music.

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    Dare To Dream Again So Dream!!!!!

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    Our  motives must be pure, when thine eyes is single, thy whole body is also full of light." (Luke xi;34) You have been much in darkness lately, and perhaps this passage will point the reason. Your eye has not been single. Join Pastor Cornelia @6;00 pm -7;00pm and be Bless by The Words of God.   Fact, Faith, Feeling!

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    The Power of Human Connection TM

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    Angela Vigil of Living Empowered will be interviewing our incredible guest Delphine French!

    Starting martial arts at a very young age, Delphine tapped into her warrior spirit far before she realized the unraveling impact it would have on her life.  She was born a perfectionist; and her eccentricity and innate passion readily mixed into an equation specifically heightened to make others smile.   The blueprint of her life has been riddled with hardships and monumental experiences that have fed her affinity, her need, to change the ugly into the beautiful. And so she developed her purpose of being an alchemist of Light.
    For several years now, Delphine has had to endure a complicated degradation of health on a daily basis.  Her fighter’s will has been put to test; and now that she is less able to physically express herself in the creative ways she once did, she has found her sanity deep within the artwork, poetry, and jewelry she creates. Despite her daily challenges, Delphine has clung to the importance of staying positive.  It is the most healthful way at coping with pain, and the most hopeful answer she has at vanquishing her poor quality of health. She relishes at the thought that perhaps her story, (detailed at www.DelphineFrench.com/about) might offer some sort of inspiration or glimpse of strength to others with similar hardships, or daunting pasts. Art is her expression, her life’s experiences are her fuel, and passion is a key ingredient to the alchemy of spiritual Light.  It is her ultimate desire to share it and let it shine!