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spirituality and global conciousness.Marrying Spirit with Science and the interconnectivity we all share within source core consciousness within Universal Energy.

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Hi ALL!! Been awhile --Today with my co-host--Lianna--we will share with you the Energies occuring now--What 2013 brought to us and what 2014 is bringing us-- all good -- hope to "see" you there--please call if you have any... more

Hi ALL--been awhile--today I'd Like to share a dream I had last night---different format for sure---with my co-host Lianna --we will also discuss the energies that are current today--and the last little bit. If you wish to call in and share as... more

Hi ALL!!--been awhile--today -simple stuff--the story of the Hare and the Tortise --rabbit speed or turtle. Who are you??--what is the moral?? --slow and steady wins the race??--who knows ---lets chat . My co-host Lianna and I will share our... more

Hi---it's been awhile-- today --my guest is Brenda Bradshaw- A wonderful spirit-today will be a sharing . She will read me . And if any others have a question---feel free to call in.

Hi ALL!!--Today --with my co-host --Lianna--we will discuss "Judgement" --how we "judge" others on their being and their choices. Do we have that within ourselves to judge others??---"see" you then --call in if you would like to share

Hi ALL!!--Today--Lianna and I will discuss the recent energy shifts--and our shifting of our conscious awareness--the "rememberance" -of our origins--our "multi-dimensional" being. being in awarement of that --and how it comes into... more

Hi ALL!!----We have a wonderful guest today--Samantha May--aka--BeyondAnswers-she will share with us her journey--she is a medium and a VERY connected spirit --With Lianna and I --we will chat about the... more

Hi ALL !!--been awhile again --Syncronicities--with my co-host --Lianna-- we will share some quotes and personal expiriances--call in and share yours :) you never know where the discussion may go

the "Blame Game" --today with my co-host Lianna we will discuss taking responsability for our actions . Owning our decisions and the outcomes of them. To no fault of others. And when we don't do this is where blame is born. It... more

Hi ALL!!--Today with my co-host--Lianna--we will discuss the energy shifts that have been occuring lately---what's going on with them and why --and what to expect. this show will be our sharings of our observations--call in and share... more
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