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The Dreadful Bitter Truth Show

The Dreadful Bitter Truth Show


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WELCOME TO THE DREADFUL BITTER TRUTH SHOW I learned at a very young age that there are three truths, YOUR! MINE! & the DREADFUL BITTER TRUTH! The truth really hurts. We as a race of people don’t really want to hear the truth and that is where the problem rest. And to think that most of us will turn a sightless eye to our babies. This is the next generation. And to think some of our people will have the impudence to say that a male is not needed in the homes. And this is not a finger pointing match. Every home without a father in it isn't because he isn't trying to be there; many times his children are being forcefully kept from him. The roads that pave the Black Community and our male and female relationships are not paved with gold or roses and are surface with many Hollywood untruths of what the man and women roles are in a family and that of a loving and caring relationship. Unless we as adults pay more attention and mentor our youths and make positive attempts to give them an alternative then they are fuel for the fire of destruction. No amount of prayer, emotions, or deflecting is going to get this job done. Only the community of serious and concerned adults working together will be sufficient. Non of us in the community wants these young men terrorizing the community currently or in the future or consider them suitable candidates for marrying current or our future daughters, nieces, cousins, and sisters in our community. Our people are living other than self. As mature adults we have to take a long hard look in the mirror. This reflection is the gut wrenching dreadful bitter truth. For more show information one may call (773) 340-1572.Produced by Darnell T. Glover Media Communications Productions. Darnell T. Glover Executive Producer and Host © 2013 Darnell T. Glover Media Communications Productions All Rights Reserved

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MoMa AZ talks about life in general and the issue women of color has with life.

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