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Tassel to Tassel

Tassel to Tassel


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Weekly broadcast designed to address concerns and challenges of first year college/university students.

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The semester is (almost) over and it's time to wrap up. However, you have to get through final exams first. Let's talk a bit about it tonight.

The semester will be over in a few weeks and at this point you have a very good idea of what you're doing this summer. I'm guessing you are working an internship, conducting summer research, or taking classes. Whether you are... more

The semester is coming to a close and it's time to lay it all out on the table. Where you stand academically. Where you are planning to spend the summer. What you are doing this summer. What you need to do to prepare for... more

Being a successful college student is hard work for most of us. There are texts to read, assignments to complete, and exams to take. There is no shortcut for learning everything you need to know and it takes time and effort. If you've made... more

For many of you, the semester is over in a little more than four weeks -- maybe five. Whether it's four weeks or five, it will be here before you know it. At this point, your course grades are pretty solidified. You may have a final paper or... more

Many times in your former life (i.e. high school) you had no competition and things went very well for you with little effort. Now that you're a college student, you may not be sure you can compete so instead of risking failure or rejection, you... more

Now that you're back from Spring Break, let's talk business. When you left you were probably still reeling from midterm exams, papers, and other assignments you submitted in a rush to get away from campus. Let's talk strategy on how to... more

For many of you, this week is the one time where you don't have to think about the challenges of the semester and can just let loose. I hope you are enjoying yourself during spring break and didn't have to run away from school, making an... more

Many times in your past life (i.e. high school), it may have been possible to do a bare minimum and excel. It's a lot harder to do that in college. As we make the journey toward being prepared for your future profession, I encourage you to do... more

Being a successful college student is partially due to your acknowledgement that you need work. In other words, you aren't perfect. If you were and you knew everything, you wouldn't need college, right? You could just skip over all the... more