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Covers your relationship with your self as well as with others. Dr. Daniel Sadigh discusses subjects such as family issues, stress, anxiety, depression, and financial success.

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Neurobiology and attachment research explain how early interpersonal relationships can impact development of the brain. When parents understand their own life stories, children grow in a more compassionate environment and show... more

GIFT TO A PSYCHOTHERAPIST If our values are personal measurements of our various accomplishments, then self-worth represents the sense of accumulating such personal values. Generally speaking the value system of a... more

Have you ever been subjected to discrimination? Did you ever judge someone because of his/her race or ethnicity? The chances are that regardless of your racial, sexual or religious identity, you have been both discriminated against and... more

The pain of any loss can be devastating, especially if it is losing a loved one. It is not easy to let go of the objects of our affection. It is our natural tendency to appreciate what we hold dear to us as parting needs time and tools. Our... more

Have you ever anticipated a painful outcome? For those of you who did, wasn't the waiting period more torturous than the actual result? Past experiences and understandings create expectations; while waiting for unpleasant memories to... more

The weight of the daily challenges in life can easily become burdensome when our problems increase and we do not find the ability to unload some pressure. We are raised by caregivers who do not know how to reduce their own tensions;... more

What if you feel too guilty to enjoy a free meal? How about feeling embarrassed accepting something without giving something for it? You are not alone…., there are many people who have decided to be givers in order to avoid... more

A Sorry Self Happiness is a learned state of being. Self-blame and despair exist when you do not know how to build happiness into your life. The foundation of a happy mind relies on self-confidence; but, what about life's distressing events?... more

What's Love? We often make decisions based on what we have experienced in the past. We choose according to what we have learned from our parents, teachers, peers, doctors, employers, etc. and what we were brought up to... more

Information is all around us, but how can we experience all the knowledge and make personal use out of it? The Moment with Self is a navigation guide for a happy, healthy, and successful journey to the internal conflicts in our minds. The... more