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Dr Daniel Sadigh

A Moment with Self


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Covers your relationship with your self as well as with others. Dr. Daniel Sadigh discusses subjects such as family issues, stress, anxiety, depression, and financial success.

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March Eight is the International Women's Day (IWD). It is a global day celebrating the economic, political, social, scientific and artistic achievements of women past, present and future. The role of women in today's world is far... more

Do you experience joy in your life? Do you seek pleasure? Or, do you just avoid discomfort to be happy? You may ask aren't all the same? The answer is no: joy and pleasure are different states of being happy. Joy vs. pleasure is... more

Are you in the habit of putting things off...? Is your career or schoolwork suffering because you are often late...? Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potentials…? The chances are that you procrastinate. At some point in life,... more

Have you ever wondered what your thoughts or actions convey as they flow with different intensity throughout the course of the day? Have you noticed a change in your attitude or motivation around certain people or in certain places? Perhaps... more

Have you ever been forced to end a relationship? Have you suffered any emotional confusion after a break-up? How about the uncertainties in starting over with new relationships? Relationships can be precious, yet sometimes... more

Have you ever judged someone or been judged based on your culture or ethnicity? Have you ever stereotyped others just because you intended to reduce the overload of information and simplify your understanding of a group... more

A brand is a mental mark that carries with it a set of values and emotional responses. A brand has a personality and makes promises, like a person. Great brands keep personal reputations and rely on relationships. Where we find that... more

Dealing solely with the mind does not completely undo the effects of old hurts. Our behaviors, understandings, defenses, traits, attitudes, and solutions are all affected by small or big traumas and require healing of the energy fields that are... more

When you can understand and work through your personal past issues, you are able to start your healing process. It is never too late to look inward and unlearn the old defensive mechanisms. A wide array of therapeutic interventions... more

Hypnotherapy can be used to identify and neutralize the underlying causes of practically any issue or challenge. It is done as a solitary process or complementary to Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, traditional medicine and other... more