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Covers your relationship with your self as well as with others. Dr. Daniel Sadigh discusses subjects such as family issues, stress, anxiety, depression, and financial success.

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The essence of every healthy relationship is clear communication. Effective communication allows us to understand a person, evaluate a situation, resolve disagreements, promote trust and create respect. It also supports creativity,... more

If you have ever wondered what homeopathy is and how it is perceived to alleviate suffering, this interview is your opportunity. Based on the doctrine of "like cures like" a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy... more

Have you ever wondered why some people can behave unemphatic, arrogant, envious, entitled, and shameless in relation with their own family members? Have you noticed how these people overestimate their abilities and have excessive... more

The emotional, social, and practical challenges for women without children, by circumstance, is often an unspoken subject. According to Marcy Cole, Ph.D"There is a mother that lies within the heart of every woman?.Dr. Cole is a Holistic... more

Do you ever doubt your decisions? Do you procrastinate? Do you believe you deserve negative outcomes? How about feeling able to overcome challenges? Familial traits, socio-economic backgrounds, abusive relationships, levels of... more

What is bullying and why do bullies bully? Aggressive or dominating behavior is often displayed by teenagers and can continue over a lifetime in abusive relationships. Such a primitive psychological defense mechanism finds roots in... more

The knowledge and understanding of what an elder feels during the Holidays can help families make better plans. There are many questions to be asked -- and answered -- about the treatment of elders and their inclusion in joyous, often... more

To truly flourish in a healthy life filled with harmony and peace, a systematically soothing experience is necessary. The deeply effective and powerful resonance of sound, voice, and music restore emotional and physiological balance in the... more

Are You Sandwiched? You are not alone. If you are stuck in between more than 25% of American families who are involved in elder/parent care and more than 50% of American families who are taking care of their children, then you are a... more

?Autism? is a scary word for those who do not have a child or a loved one affected by it; but, for one new born in every eighty eight families it becomes a challenging reality. Understanding and accepting the developmental obstacles is... more