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Covers your relationship with your self as well as with others. Dr. Daniel Sadigh discusses subjects such as family issues, stress, anxiety, depression, and financial success.

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Have you ever thought what the differences between pleasure and happiness with JOY are? Do you know how to reach a joyful state of being and how to prolong such experience? A panel of experts discusses the hot topic of Joy and explains... more

Pregnancy and child birth is a major life transition that brings along joy and happiness, right? not always. What every mother needs to know 1 in 7 mothers experience Postpartum Mood Disorder that is often not diagnosed or treated.... more

The importance of music, laughter, and having an optimistic outlook on life is a valuable experience shared by Alice Herz Sommer, a 109 year old Holocaust survivor. It is her connection to her inner JOY that has allowed her to live a... more

Do you embrace your masculine powers? Do you feel confident in your relationship with women? Are you standing out or becoming irresistible when you meet a woman that you care for? Are you among those men who attract the... more

Children are our biggest assets. They are the ones who create the future of our communities and continue to uphold the values that we have gained or enjoyed. There are many kids who are not fortunate enough to have the full care and... more

Effective communication is the most important element in every healthy relationship. Personal sensitivities can trigger emotional reactions and easily derail our connections to others. If we are not able to accurately express... more

Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself?How we feel about a situation and what we do with it in action requires paying attention to an internal dialogue. However, we are often confused by the prevalent language in our heads as the... more

Ending a relationship has never been easy. The physical and emotional suffering of a breakup and the confused state that follows can become torturous. How can one start over and fall in love again after experiencing the pains of a... more

The essence of every healthy relationship is clear communication. Effective communication allows us to understand a person, evaluate a situation, resolve disagreements, promote trust and create respect. It also supports creativity,... more

If you have ever wondered what homeopathy is and how it is perceived to alleviate suffering, this interview is your opportunity. Based on the doctrine of "like cures like" a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy... more