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Join Dr. Carolyn Clansy Miller on Getting Good at Life! as she interviews some of the most fascinating experts and every day folks that will inspire and give practical insider tips to take your life, business, and ministry to the next level!

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Ferguson, Missouri. The NFL scandal. Terrorism. Racism. Classism. Do any of these press your buttons? If so, do you just react or will you respond? All of us have hot button issues that draw on our emotions almost immediately. When things come against our personal beliefs and values, we tend to be quick to rise up in outcry. But what does that really do? The sweeping changes in politics, economics, industry, human rights, and many more were not obtained by just a single outcry of emotion, but by a concentrated effort by many. Is that still true today, or have we as a generation become more bark than bite? If you're ready stop complaining, to stop talking about change and start being about change, then you'll want to get in on today's show. Join us as we chat with Robert G. Johnson, Pastor of New World Church in Houston, TX and hear why we should take a lesson from the game-changers of yesteryear. Call in, 646-716-6910, or log in to our LIVE chat during the broadcast.
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Parents, let's face it. Raising children can be quite a challenge, and no other aspect of parenting a child seems to be as daunting as discipline. You love them and want the best for them, but there are some essential keys that go along... more

Have you ever had an encounter with someone and knew almost instantly that God had to have preordained your paths to cross? Sometimes you know it right then, or perhaps it occurs to you later on, but you know you were divinely... more

On the journey of life we need guideposts; standards by which we chart our course. The standards we have are set by the principles we live by. What are your principles? Are they based in the timeless wisdom of God, based on family... more

Don't you just love being real? Not playing some role that's handed to you by others, and feeling guilty if you don't live up to their expectations. There's a lot to be said for the freedom of authenticity, and today, we've got just the woman... more

When is the last time you experienced great customer service? You know - that special touch or extra mile that someone goes to make sure that your expectations are exceeded. It makes a difference; not only if you're the... more

Happy Memorial Day! As we take this time to remember our fallen soldiers, Getting Good at Life would like to treat you to a continuation of one of most popular topics. Due to the great response we received on an earlier episode,... more

Have you or someone you know recently experienced a traumatic life event? Perhaps you've recently returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East and you're finding it difficult to cope with civilian life? Maybe you are a spouse or parent... more

The journey of life can be harder for some than it is for others. Sometimes the wounds we've suffered may not be obvious, but they do manifest themselves; often in peculiar ways. What are you holding onto that you know your heart is... more

Are you your own worst critic? Well, you wouldn't be the first to admit it. Most people will tell you that they are much harder on themselves than they probably should be. But what drives you to be so demanding and unforgiving of yourself?... more

You've had dreams, aspirations, ideas and goals for some time now. What's become of them? Most people don't have a problem visualizing a plan, but the challenge comes when it's time to take action. Whatever is stopping you doesn't... more
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