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Join Dr. Carolyn Clansy Miller on Getting Good at Life! as she interviews some of the most fascinating experts and every day folks that will inspire and give practical insider tips to take your life, business, and ministry to the next level!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Let's use this day to reflect on the good things that have happened in our lives and the good people who have enriched us. It's a great time to show your gratitude for all the blessings that God has given you. Tune in... more

Every parent beams with pride when their child does the right thing when faced with a moral choice. But how do you know when your child actually "gets it"? Building good character begins at home with the example that your child sees in... more

When you were a child, the hallmark of a best friend was her ability to keep your secrets. That can be a sweet and innocent gesture when the secret that's being kept is rooted in hopes and dreams. But what happens when the contents of a... more

Self-help. Self-motivation. Self-respect. It all sounds good, but how do you really implement it effectively? Have you been making excuses for the rut your life is in? Do you wish you could just press some magic button and be off on your way... more

Hip-Hop has been one of the fastest-growing musical genre's since the onset of rock 'n roll. It has it's own language, it's own fashion, and it's own issues. The effect it has had on recent generations is undeniable. Some would say that it's... more

How do you do YOU? Do you give yourself enough time to rest, eat, or even breath? Or are do you find yourself constantly burning the candle at both ends? If the answers you're coming up with are sad but true, then you don't want to... more

It's November - the start of the traditional holiday season here in the U. S. And, as many of you know, there's no stress like holiday stress. Many a headache has been initiated by the influx of activities, visiting relatives & friends, and the... more

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are honoring the bravery of all the Pink Warriors out there on the frontlines against this nemesis to the health of all women. By sharing our stories, we can raise the awareness and the hope... more

Do you have a reluctant reader on your hands? You're not alone. Many parents find themselves at a stand-off with their school age kids when it comes to getting them to read. It's true - "Reading is Fundamental." But how do you sell this... more

Before He ascended to heaven, Jesus left behind a single, powerful request of His disciples. Many know it as The Great Commission. For decades, the image of missions has remained the same. But in the 21st Century, the face of missions... more
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