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Join Dr. Carolyn Clansy Miller on Getting Good at Life! as she interviews some of the most fascinating experts and every day folks that will inspire and give practical insider tips to take your life, business, and ministry to the next level!

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"Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position." ~ Brian Tracy There is a change of the guard going on at the top. More and more women than ever before are guiding corporations, holding political office, and starting and driving movements. But along with title and position comes considerable responsibility. Sometimes that responsibility is made difficult for the woman in charge more by what she doesn't know than what she does know. You've probably heard of several so-called "secrets" to success touted by every expert imaginable. The problem is that those secrets sometimes seem to work for only a privileged few. It's time to spread the wealth! If you're a woman who is leading IN ANY CAPACITY and you're ready to break into your full potential as a leader, you need to tune in today. Get the details about what you can do right now to become the leader you've always known you could be. Join our chat with guest, Colonel (Ret.) Jill Morgenthaler, author of the captivating new book, The Courage to Take Command: Leadership Lessons from a Military Trailblazer. Call in, 646-716-6910, or chat with us LIVE during the broadcast in our Javammunity chat room.
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There's a lot of advice out there for married couples. Some of it is specific to the couple, but much of it is timeless principles that will help any couple who wants to improve their relationship with one another. Tune in today as Dr. Carolyn talks... more

"Patience is the companion of wisdom" ~ St. Augustine Patience. It may be a virtue, but not one that many people aspire to have these days. We live in a society where quicker seems to be better. Is there anything you just can't wait to... more

Do you think that parents today have their priorities mixed up? When you look at how much time and money is spent on most children's academics, sports, and recreation, some would say that everything's just fine. But there's a deeper,... more

Your spouse cheated on you. Your best friend stole money from you. Your co-worker threw you under the bus and took credit for your work. Your pastor revealed your confidential matter to another church member. These are all... more

Love and marriage. Itsn't it wonderful?! Well, even if you don't think so, it can be. But it doesn't just happen. You've got to put in some effort. For some people that seems like a buzz-kill to the romantic notion of life-long love. If you and your... more

The Holiday season unearths some pretty fond memories for most people. From the smell of your favorite pie to the sights and sounds of joyous gatherings, this is a time of year when we are most apt to cling to, or even long for the familiar.... more

Enjoy a replay of this favorite episode of Getting Good at Life and get your week started off right! Tune in Wednesday, Dec. 7th, when we return LIVE with another empowering episode.

Are you a control freak? Most people would not readily admit to this as an adequate description of their behavior. You might call what you do as being protective, taking initiative, or keeping order. There's a fine line between being... more

It's time for a change... Change of heart, change of attitude, change course. But why is it that, even with the best of intentions, change still seems so hard to achieve? Whatever you're trying to change about yourself is going to take time,... more

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's use this day to reflect on the good things that have happened in our lives and the good people who have enriched us. It's a great time to show your gratitude for all the blessings that God has given you. Tune in... more
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