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Join Dr. Carolyn Clansy Miller on Getting Good at Life! as she interviews some of the most fascinating experts and every day folks that will inspire and give practical insider tips to take your life, business, and ministry to the next level!

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"Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is not continuity there is not growth." ~ C. S. Lewis We're back! Join us as we go deeper into our latest GGAL Book Club Series on Exit Wounds:... more

"It is the neglect of timely repair that makes rebuilding necessary." ~ Richard Whately Do you make a habit of putting yourself on the back burner while you attend to everyone else's needs? How's that working for you? Not to good? Then... more

Don't you just love getting knee-deep into a great book? It's even better when you engage in it along with other passionate readers. At GGAL, we only feature books that are going to help you get good at life, so there's the bonus! Tune in... more

"You may delay, but time will not." ~ Benjamin Franklin Are you a chronic procrastinator? Do you often promise to do things but come up with every excuse possible as to why you never get around to them? Ever wonder what's at the... more

"The unexamined life is not worth living." ~ Socrates It's that time again! That's right. We're rounding out the summer with another phenomenal book club series, and this time it's all about helping you heal from the wounds of your past. A... more

Ever seen the film, Horrible Bosses, the dark-humored film about three employees who plot together to plan the demise of their abusive and overbearing bosses? While the film is a farfetched depiction, some would say that the angst of the... more

"You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself." ~ Marcus T. Cicero Value. It's the measure of worth. How much do you value yourself? If you are prone to putting everything and everybody else before you and your... more

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." ~ Joel A. Barker Did you once have a vision for your life? A plan and a path that you were following? Then... more

"Avoidance is NOT resolution." ~ Kimberly Rinaldi One of the most vital elements of any healthy relationship is the art of confrontation. Not confrontation for the sake of one-upsmanship, but confrontation that is constructive, respectful, and... more

It happened and it hurt you so bad. You've been wounded and it's impacting everything about your life, from your relationships to your health. You wish you could get over it, but you just don't know how. When a bullet makes a wound in... more
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