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Join Dr. Carolyn Clansy Miller on Getting Good at Life! as she interviews some of the most fascinating experts and every day folks that will inspire and give practical insider tips to take your life, business, and ministry to the next level!

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It's common nowadays to see people jump in and out of marriage just as quickly as they change their clothes. Divorce doesn't seem to carry any kind of stigma for them at all. But for a Christian who gets a divorce, there is often a significant amount of guilt and even shame. Why? Because of the perceptions and expecations, whether real or imagined, that pertain to the holiness of marriage as God designed it. Some may feel that if they failed at marriage, they are ultimately seen as a failure by God. But nothing could be further from the truth. Tune in as we chat with Divorce Recovery Mentor, Gretchen Goldsmith, debunks the myths that surround Christians and divorce. Hear her story and find out how you too can shed the guilt and shame of divorce from your own life. 646-716-6910
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How do you identify yourself? By what you do? By who you associate with? By your economic status? Identity is crucial to living a purposeful life, but some people struggle with defining themselves. All their lives their identity has hinged... more

The old man who sits on the corner rocking back and forth and talking to himself. The single mom whose kids seem to be raising themselves becasue she rarely gets out of bed. The aunt that the family always labeled as "eccentric."... more

It's summer! Time to frolic at the beach, enjoy sunset concerts in the park, cookouts in the backyard, and so on. But do you find yourself planning to have a good time but never actually getting around to it? Part of getting good at life is... more

Has it been a while since you've been in a serious relationship? With every passing birthday, do you wonder when or if you'll ever get married? Are you tired of family and friends asking why you haven't been snatched up by... more

Everybody celebrates the talented, the famous, and the powerful. The stories are the stuff of legend and their lives are the envy of many. But how many times do we see the mighty fall because of flaws in their character; those tiny cracks... more

No matter how common it may be in this day and age, it's hard for a child, especially a girl, to live without a father. A dad is needed to provide love, guidance, and protection. When he's missing or no longer there, the hole his... more

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it." ~ J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan Confidence. That inner assurance that drives you toward success. If you once had it but lost it due to one of life's many obstacles,... more

The debate over the moral, legal, and social repercussions surrounding abortion has been an ongoing social dilemma that rises and falls with each new generation since Roe v. Wade. The reasons for choosing abortion are as varied as the... more

Menopause is one of those topics that women hear a lot about but still have so many questions. For instance, Does every woman automatically gain weight during menopause? Are hot flashes the first sign of menopause? Does your sex... more
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