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Wisdom from Within holds the divine cure to all life problems. Offering practical and intuitive advice, Dr. Harra has the solution to your every challenge.

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Often when dealing with issues in a relationship, we look to the other person as the source of our grief. It actually has little to do with them; our grief stems from what we believe about this world and ourselves. The energy and time we spend... more

We all want to cultivate great relationships, but factors like emotions, the ego, and external influence hinder us from sharing in true, unconditional love with our partner. All too often, we overburden our relationship without need. So what... more

It's a common misconception that a healthy body equals a healthy self. But the ancient phrase ?anima sana in corpore sano? reminds us that optimal health is only possible if the mind is sound, too. Our emotional state of being is an... more

We enter into a love relationship with high hopes and in good faith, never imagining its untimely end. But the majority of relationships suffer strain through time: people lose interest, change over the years, and become desensitized to... more

Relationships are founded on more than one component: the structure of your relationship is part physical, part emotional, and part spiritual. The spiritual status of your relationship can reveal essential aspects of your partnership and... more

Many people find a great life partner to share their years with, but few find their soulmate. Yet being with a life partner versus being with a soulmate makes a world of a difference. Soulmates share an undeniable, intense connection often... more

An often misunderstood ability, communication with the other side is not only possible but extremely helpful in providing us with precious guidance and timely advice. Indeed, connecting to the next dimension shouldn't be seen as "scary,"... more

We find ourselves at a crossroads, both as a nation and as individuals. On a global scale, we sense that the time to change and reform is now. Interestingly enough, many of us think this same way in regards to our private lives, too. We... more

Love relationships are one of the most difficult elements of life to discern. We can't help but ask ourselves: Is this the person for me? Is my partner my soulmate? Is this relationship meant to stand the test of time? Such questions... more

Just as we have a genetic code which is embedded in our DNA, so too do we have a divine code which lies within our spirits. Many of us recognize the details of our genetic code, such as a predisposition to certain traits and illnesses,... more