Three Reasons Our Relationships Cause Us Grief

Wisdom from Within

Wisdom from Within

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Often when dealing with issues in a relationship, we look to the other person as the source of our grief. It actually has little to do with them; our grief stems from what we believe about this world and ourselves. The energy and time we spend engaged in the following reasons is just a place to begin building awareness. The three reasons our relationships cause us grief are: 1) analyzing our relationship and creating assumptions, 2) putting a tablecloth over anything that smells bad, and 3), not knowing the goal. Thankfully, there are steps we can take to reduce or remove these obstacles and achieve a loving, happy, and healthy relationship. Join Carmen and very special guest, intuitive coach, speaker, and writer, Tracy Crossley, as they help you reach your true relationship potential!
With Special Guest: Tracy Crossley
Carmen Harra
Tracy Crossley
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