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This radio show is a spin-off of the new "groundbreaking" self-help book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® - Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide by Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC. Kemp has been a Licensed Psychotherapist for two decades with a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling; and a Metaphysician with a non-traditional doctorate in Metaphysical Theology with relevance in the spiritual and alternative healing communities where she is an ordained minister. (Visit website for full bio and book testimonies at The show aims to help people understand their intrinsic value and worth; free people from toxic conditioning and beliefs, and remove stigma and pathology; while educating those with a mental or emotional issue and/or diagnosis about alternative ways to view their symptoms along with holistic healing that gets to the core energy basis of whatever the matter is that manifested. Dr. Kemp incorporates universal spiritual principles (that honor all paths), along with the metaphysical information incorporated in the book. Sacretherapy® is a Registered Trademark of Dr. Kemp, registered with the United States Trademark and Patent Office.

On-Demand Episodes

This episode features a discussion with author and psychotherapist Reverend Lea Chapin – who is also a bona fide Channeler (psychic) who has worked with the FBI and authored several books including The Twelve Mastery Teachings... more

This episode features a wonderful discussion with fellow Author and Psychotherapist Ilene Dillon, author of The ABC's of Emotion and 10 other books that discuss the role of emotions and how what we feel affects our sense of... more

This episode focuses on healing veterans and post traumatic stress which has been highlighted in the news lately as a result of blockbuster movie American Sniper which has now been claimed to be the highest grossing military film of all... more

Been through a relationship breakup or divorce that left you feeling depressed or anxious? This episode is bound to help as it features a riveting conversation with Psychiatric Nurse Joel Ayala Ayapana, author of The Book of Positive Light.... more

This episode celebrates the one year anniversary of the show and how to maintain your inspiration since it appears that so many people have already begun to give up on their hopes for an improved existence, just two weeks into... more

This episode aims to help you move into the new year with a clear heart and release old resentments by reviewing how to forgive others when they don't deserve it but you do! Tonight's subject is a part of the eight steps to well-being... more

This episode reviews how to give others the benefit of the doubt as we embrace and honor each other as souls that have come forth into the physical that will ultimately make mistakes due to the nature of our humanity. The show... more

This episode is a review of how to honor your journey and extract the good aspects of life that's been lived. Each soul's journey is unique and sometimes we forget to underline the good aspects of our journey due to focusing on the... more

This show is a review of how to stay clear of the past and be here in the precious present now. With many preparing to wrap of the year it is a wonderful time to let go of any toxic energy you've held onto this year and allow yourself to move... more

This episode explores and reviews the symbolic meaning behind mental and emotional symptoms and how to extract the meaning and realign with the well-being you came forth to live. Tonight's subject is a part of the eight steps to... more
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