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We're back! Inspiration, Motivation & Fun Education for REALLY BIG THINKERS!! Groundbreaking info on how you can create BrainGain™, HealthGain™ LifeGain™, YouGain™. Asking Big Questions in Science, Medicine & Health. Revolutionizing how we do Business. New concepts on how to create winning Enterprise. Bigger, sharper brains. New know-how for more happiness, health & fulfilling relationships! Better ways of learning, living, being. Yes, there’s some Neuroscience but a heap of other yummy science: finally made useful!! We're all about meaning & value so there's new takes on philosophies, psychology, physical & life science. All based on Dr Alex Concorde’s unique, pioneering work about how to create Human Betterness from Society to Self. From Consciousness to Cellular Biology!! It's called ‘CruXiom®’ - find out more at www.dralexconcorde.info & check out www.dralextalks.com for upcoming shows. :)

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JOIN US - for Dr Alex's RadioRescue segment from May 2nd on The Best People We Know Show with fabulous host Deb Scott! We're extending the broadcast of this Mega Hit segment where Dr Alex answers YOUR questions... more

Over the years, we've accrued lots of science about the risks and benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy. That's good, yes? Well it would be - it weren't so darn confusing! Why do different studies seem to say different things?!... more

Join us for 'The Human Hour' - covering the latest news in psychology, mind science, brain science, neuroscience and anthropology (human drifts and shifts)! Dr Alex's delving into fascinating science and psychology articles that have... more

Today we're talking about how to be a great success when you're starting or running your own business! This isn't the MBA end of that - it's more business psychology... taking a look at the different sorts of people who can do really well... more

Be the person of influence that you desire to be. You can positively impact the lives of others in business and in life without drama, trauma or indecision. Join Dr Alex Concorde and Dr Jo Anne White as they respond to the pressing... more

Join us for this regular 60 minute segment covering the latest news in the science of health, wellness and medicine! Covering natural, complementary, functional and mainstream medicine... plus news on bio-science that could... more

Today we are focusing on your questions on Child Behavior Management & Positive Parenting! Dr Alex is honored to be joined by Dr Jo Anne White, our Feature Expert on RadioRescue on Trusted Voice! Dr Jo Anne is an... more

Stephen Dimmick says: If You Ain't A Nice Person, Make Up Won't Help!! What makes people 'nice'? Or 'ugly'? Well a lot of it is to do with how you decide what is right or wrong, good or bad. This isn't about what IS right or wrong, that's... more

What should you do if you want to grow but have something 'trapping' you in your head? How can you move forward? What has to happen to unlock your individual potential? This segment is Dr Alex's response to a question sent in by a... more

Following on from the question 'Can Diet Beat Depression?' on RadioRescue on The Best People Show, Dr Alex will be focusing on what sorts of dietary options and nutritional supplements may work for someone who is depressed. As the... more
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