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We're back! Inspiration, Motivation & Fun Education for REALLY BIG THINKERS!! COUNTDOWN to the new season starting Thursday July 31st 2.00pm Eastern, & every 2 weeks. Groundbreaking info on how you can create BrainGain™, LifeGain™, YouGain™. Asking Big Questions in Science, Medicine & Health. Revolutionizing how we do Business. New concepts in Enterprise. Bigger, sharper business brains. Creating better health & more fulfilling relationships with better brains! So OK there’s some Neuroscience – but also lots of other yummy science. And new philosophies, psychology, and physical whatnot. Plus new medicine & sports performance know-how (yep more brains + individual/naturopathic science). All based on Dr Alex Concorde’s unique, pioneering work. Which is called ‘CruXiom®’ Find out more at www.dralexconcorde.info & check out www.dralextalks.com for upcoming episodes. :)

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How can you bring your life up-to-date with where you're at NOW, given your history, what people have known of you, and other people's expectations?! First, personal conflict about who should inherit the family home – ‘new'... more

Join us for RadioRescue featuring experts Dr Alex with Dr Jo Anne White. In this show, they'll be taking on two more questions sent in by ardent listeners: First, a lady bereft at her daughter going off to university. Second, a woman in mid-life... more

We are running October's RadioRescue segment from 'The Best People We Know Show'* hosted by Deb Scott, here today for our listeners! And the Top Question for today is the breakthrough treatment for Breast Cancer announced... more

Join us as our two RadioRescue Experts tackle questions sent in via askdralex.com from struggling listeners! On this show our first question is from the partner of a young man with serious anger management issues - involving... more

We are running September's RadioRescue segment from The Best People We Know Show - hosted by Deb Scott - here today for our listeners! Coming up on this massive radioshow, we're tackling questions on: SLEEP - what it's for and... more

Join Dr Alex Concorde and Dr Jo Anne White as they respond to pressing questions posed by: YOU! On this RadioRescue segment, our two experts get to grips with one couple who are striving for the promise of a new normality...... more

If you're fed up of hearing the same old, same old, on the issue of self-esteem, here is a show for you! For forever we've looked at self esteem as a function of 'self'. Logical, yes? Well yes - and no! Do you realise that a huge dollop of your... more

JOIN US - for Dr Alex's RadioRescue segment from The Best People We Know Show with fabulous host Deb Scott!* We're extending the broadcast of this Mega Hit segment where Dr Alex answers YOUR questions posted in... more

Join Dr Alex Concorde and Dr Jo Anne White as they respond to pressing questions posed by: YOU! In this show we talk about everything from how to deal constructively with a terminal diagnosis, to how to spot when your teenager is in... more
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