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Note: I am no longer with Renegade Broadcasting as they were taken over by the SPLC. I am not doing any shows at this time. I am not sure when they will resume. Download shows from the RSS feed. (Link below.) Satanism (Sanatana Dharma) / LHP (Non-hebrew) multi-topical Spiritual Occultism, Western Civilization, History, Archaeology, National Socialism, Third Reich, Blacksun, Southern Confederacy, Texas, Political Satanism, Political Judaism Analyzed, Eclectic (non LaVey or reverse christian) Spiritual Satanism, Nietzschean Philosophy, Joy of Satan, ONA, the Paranormal & any related subjects such as the never christian Knights Templars, Order of New Templars, Runes, Third Reich, Odinism / Norse, RH Negative blood, non-hebrew Freemasonry (Babylonian Mystery Religion) & Astro-theology, the never hebrew Dragon Court, Luciferianism, Druids, English Gematria, non corrupted Hinduism / Veddic / Buddhism / Bon, Gerdjief, Theozoology, Blavatsky, comparative religion, ancient Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Scythia, India & Egypt, etc., etc., etc. Call In to speak to the host: (215) 383-5775 when I announce that I am accepting calls. On topic ONLY. See also "Show Notes" under "Show Extras" near the bottom of this web page for more information. Download here >>>> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dragons-lair.rss http://www.666blacksun.net/ http://genforum.genealogy.com/sandlin/messages/192.html

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The National Socialist War on Christianity Part 3 / The Jewish Bankers War on America Part 1 Note: The show was cut off by BlogTalkRadio at 2.5 hours. ?For the Mosaic religion is really nothing but a doctrine for the preservation of the... more

This is a special edition of Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas. Texas Part 7 of ? This is the seventh of a series of unknown length (number of shows) designed to inform & educate the audience who were not taught what they... more

Prerequisite listening: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dragons-lair/2014/02/12/die-drachenhhle-andrew-jackson-part-1 This is a special edition of Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas.... more

Freemasonry Part 4 / Illuminati Part 1 / Knights Templars Part 4 / Jesuits Part 1 / Mystery of the Widow's Son (Partial - Most of. Will pick up the missing tail end of the presentation on the next show in this series.) Future... more

New Atlantis Part 2 / Freemasonry Part 3 / Knights Templar Part 3 / Rosey Cross Part 3 This was done by a Christian & so he is ignorant about many things. However, he presents a lot of useful information. I will correct all inaccurate... more

Atlantis Part 2 / New Atlantis Part 1 / Rosey Cross Part 2 Atlantis Part 1: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dragons-lair/2014/02/19/die-drachenhhle-atlantis-part-1

Atlantis Part 1 DNA Analysis of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released: Unknown To Any Human, Primate, or Animal... more

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Part 1

America's Luciferian Founding Fathers Part 1 A Christian sets out to prove that the American Founding Fathers were NOT Christian. He does so ..... convincingly. However, he doesn't fully understand how to interpret his findings even though... more

Freemasonry End of Part 1/ Freemasonry Part 2 / Knights Templar Part 2 / Rosey Cross Part 1 Corrections and Clarifications in coming show(s). Freemasonry Part... more
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