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Dr Donia Gonzales

Radical Church, New Ideas, New Theories,


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The New Spirit will talk about The Radiacl Church, Stroke Victims, Alternative Health, Family Counseling, Wholistic Relationships & Romance, What's going on in the Church, How to heal from a broken heart, & How to love yourself. And also give Prophetic words. For all who call in. And get to know your Angels. Lay back and listen to the music I have on my playlist at the bottom of my page. Each song tells a tale of something significant in my life. Listen and if you dare to ask what they mean to me, just ask me. I had a slight stroke but I will return in the fall. I will be especially working on strokes.

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1 Samuel 10:5l; 19:20 A school of prophets was founded under Samuel. And if Enoch seemed to be the first prophet Jude verse 14. Why are we so afraid to hear it.

Angels are the seed that God sends to help us in our dailey walk. Old Testament - 117 times in 108 verses. New Testament - 182 times in 172 verses. What is God's purpose of angels? There are many tasks that angels perform.... more

Proverbs chapter 4 verse 7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Tonight we are going to talk about prophecy. How it relates to you and way it is so important.

Four more words of wisdom for the 17 laws of healing. Let's talk about preparedness. Home business and how important it is. A prophetic word for you so call in. Any donations please send them to. Dr. Donia Gonzales-Copeland... more

Four more tips from the 17 Natural Laws of Healing. God let me see My Birthday come today, a little scared but here. More on home business. Starting your herb garden. Tips and tools about herbs. Prophetic words so call in. Any donations... more

Tonight we will talk about four more health tips from the 17 laws. Tips and other things on herbs and oils. Business from the homes. How to have you own business from home. An invitation to the wellness center. Prophetic words for... more

I will start explaining four of the 17 laws of healing. Some herbs to get you going. Some local Wellness tips and other things going on. Business today. Thought, words and wisdom. Call in for your prophetic word. Any donations please send... more

Ever experience the people who walk around you with egg shells? I mean really we are not going to faint, pee on ourself, or throw up on you. Well at least not intentionally. What we need is your friendship, love, loyality, and respect.

My belief keeps me grounded, I have to admit I am at good place with God. I am getting better and even getting stronger. may not ever get all of it back but I am happu for what I have and whatever time have I am going to use it wisely. I will... more

If you have ever been ill I know personally it is not fun. It is a hard road towards recovery. But the simple truth is suround yourself with positive people, places, and things. I found out the way to fight back is laughter, they say it is the best... more
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