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Dr Ross Greene

Dr. Ross Greene


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Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach (now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions) and author of The Explosive Child, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

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Sometimes parents who are new to Collaborative Problem Solving are very hard on themselves for not knowing about it in the first place and feel pretty bad about what they were doing before. But you can't fault yourself for what you didn't know.

Solutions arrived at with Plan A -- through imposition of adult will -- are not only unilateral, they're uninformed...and that's a big part of the reason they often don't work very well.

The Parents Panel covered a wide range of topics on today's program...including the difference between "lowering" and "adjusting" expectations for a behaviorally challenging child.

It's certainly fine to ask a child how he or she feels about an unsolved problem...but if you want to solve the problem, gathering information about his or her concern or perspective is even better.

Two different moms called into today's program asking for guidance on helping their kids' schools get on board with the CPS model. Their situations were a little different...but the guidance was pretty much the same.

On today's program we were reminded of how important it is to get a handle on a child's lagging skills so we understand what's really getting in the way for the child...and to nail down highly specific unsolved problems so we know what... more

Plan B is fundamentally easy but really hard...and, on this program, our Parents Panel members talked about their own experiences with the hard parts.

We covered a lot of territory on today's program, but one of the big questions was related to how parents can help schools implement CPS. (That doesn't come until near the end of the program...fortunately, there's lots of good information... more

What treatment options should you consider for your behaviorally challenging child? You can't really answer that question until you achieve a clear understanding of what's causing your child's difficulties. Without that... more

Some sad stories on today's program, but also some hope: we have the technology to identify kids' lagging skills and unsolved problems, and we have the technology to see that those problems get solved. A very informative program... more