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Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach (now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions) and author of The Explosive Child, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

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Parenting is really hard, but it's especially hard if you're the parent of a child with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. There's so much advice being thrown your way, a lot of it telling you to be more firm, more consistent, and more diligent with the rewards and punishments. If all those sticker charts, time-outs, screaming matches, arguments have you feeling like a lot of parents do -- isolated, frustrated, and desperate -- well, you've found a program that can help. On this program, Dr. Ross Greene -- author of The Explosive Child and originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach -- helps parents understand challenging behavior and overcome many of the hurdles involved in implementing his model. It's very hard work...and this is a great opportunity to call in, ask questions, get the support you need, and or just listen to other parents or relatives who are dealing with similar real-life issues. The program airs every Monday at 11 am Eastern time from September through May. Sponsored by Dr. Greene's non-profit, Lives in the Balance (www.livesinthebalance.org).
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On today's program, we heard from a mom who's just starting to use Plan B (and having pretty good early success), as well as from a mom who's running into more trouble in her early efforts to use Plan B.

Is spanking a kid ever a good idea? Not if you know why challenging kids are challenging (lagging skills) and are solving the problems (collaboratively) that are giving rise to their challenging episodes!

On today's program, the Parents Panel tackled video games...a very tough unsolved problem.

That's what the Empathy step is for: really, truly, understanding what's getting in the way for a kid on a specific unsolved problem. Without that information, solving problems is a shot in the dark.

One of the biggest non-starters in the Empathy step of Plan B is trying to talk with a child about his behavior rather than the unsolved problem setting that behavior in motion. And one of our callers is trying to get over that hump.

On today's program, Dr. Greene heard about the efforts of a mom who was struggling to do Plan B with her son...and gave some (hopefully) helpful tips on how to fine-tune the effort (including some of the things mom was thinking that... more

Are bullies lacking skills? How about the bullied? If so, then what do they really need from us? The Parents Panel weighs in!

On this program, Dr. Greene answered questions from emailers and covered a wide range of topics...including what to do when religious values and Plan B seem inconsistent with each other.

On today's program, we heard from two different parents who were having difficulty making sure their children were well-understood and well-treated at school. Our key theme: nothing takes the place of identifying a kid's lagging... more

In this first program of the new school year, Dr. Greene responded to some of the email he received over the summer. Some familiar themes: the necessity of creating a (very specific) list of unsolved problems, prioritizing (so you know... more