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3 Most Commonly Overlooked Tests for Determining Hormone Imbalance

  • Broadcast in Health
Dr Ritamarie

Dr Ritamarie


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Hormone imbalance is an epidemic that people face all over the world every single day. The ravaging effects on a person's health can range from unexplained mood swings to severe insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and panic attacks, low libido, depression, brain fog, and stubborn weight that won't budge, especially around the abdomen.

There are actually dozens of hormones required to help the human body to regulate properly. 

Some of these hormones include insulin (blood sugar, from the pancreas), cortisol (the stress hormone, from the adrenals), and leptin (helps to regulate your body to know when its had enough food to eat), the all important thyroid hormone--and so many others.

Suffice it to say, if all focus is placed only on the sex hormones and not on the "every day" hormones, then it stands to reason that health care providers would commonly overlook certain tests to determine these imbalances.

Ironically, correcting imbalances via nutrition and natural means will often have the added benefit of organically balancing the sex hormones without the need to resort to the extreme of hormone replacement therapy.

Is your health care provider overlooking these tests? Or, if you are a practitioner, are you overlooking them for your clients?

Listen in and have your notepad ready as Dr. Ritamarie reveals the three most commonly overlooked tests for evaluating hormone imbalance.

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