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Dr Ritamarie

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Dr. Ritamarie is a functional medicine practitioner dedicated to empowering you to vibrant health and balance by combining the best of science and nature to get to the root cause of your health challenges.

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In this show you'll learn: What the single most revolutionary thing you can do is Where to find information and support How to live healthy even in the face of challenges Background: It might be hard to imagine, but being healthy in today's world is a revolutionary act. In so many ways, our health has been taken from us. Despite the fact that America shells out more money on healthcare than any other country in the world, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and a hefty 75 percent of those dollars are going toward aiding people with chronic conditions—almost half of American adults had at least one chronic condition in 2005 Join Dr. Ritamarie as she discusses that we all have the power to change so much by making simple choices that create health rather than disease. Dr. Ritamarie is the founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, and has over 23 years of clinical experience as a functional medicine practitioner and clinical nutritionist.
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In this show you'll learn: The function of the liver and what can go wrong. Different parasites and how they affect your liver. A process you can use to rejuvenate your liver. Background: Your liver is the second largest organ after the skin. It is the... more

In this show you'll learn: How the Gut-Thyroid-Immune Connection impacts your energy and what you can do to restore balance. What your Gut Bacteria has to do with your Thyroid, and how to rebuild, repair, and restore your energy by... more

In this show you'll learn: Anti-Aging—How to stop, slow down, and reverse the aging process. Pain relief through movement. Sports—Performance enhancement and injury prevention for athletes. Background and Guest... more

In this show you'll learn: What are some things you might experience when your digestive bacteria are out of balance The difference between finding the balance of bacteria for you vs. just taking probiotics Some ways that bacteria can get... more

In this show you'll learn: 4 ways your DNA can stop your weight loss What neurotransmitter imbalances mean for you How neurotransmitters and weight loss are related Background and guest information You could be one of the forty... more

In this show you'll learn: Raw food nutrition and belly dance fitness Proper sleep and time to relax and rejuvenate Taking time for quiet time, self reflection, and self appreciation Background and Guest Information: Preventing or reversing signs... more

In this show you'll learn: How to assess the health of your thyroid How your thyroid works and what can go wrong How to protect your thyroid from harm Background: According to the organizers of International Thyroid Awareness... more

In this show you'll learn: The essential vitamins to restore vision and those that might be hurting them. Why surgery may not be right for eye conditions including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. The many different protocols to... more

In this show you'll learn: How to get out of your head and back into your body How to be at cause rather than effect in your life How to create new possibilities in your life instantly Background: Quantum Energy Transformation is based... more