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serious talk on current Issues forgiveness view from personal, social, ecconomic, political and spiritual perspectives

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Host Forgiveness Dr. Talks with special guest Shane Hayes, a 15 years old youth about guidelines for making good decisions. The impact decisions making may have on young people's lives in today society. How youth can make respectful decision that would reflect the way they would like others to treat them. The two will examine some decisions made by youth in current news stories rape, homicide, robbery, internet hacking, sexting, treason.Mr. Hayes will talk about several American youth trying to join ICES recently caught in Germany.
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The Forgiveness Dr. Talks with Reverend Darrell Carson nutrition Representative of Dr. Wallach on todays show. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND The concept of the 90 essential nutrients was developed by Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, founder... more

Host Forgiveness Dr. Talk's candid about the Ebola crisis in the United States city of Dallas. What can be said about the patient that died at Presbyterian hospital activities prior to going to hospital? Dose this person and his family deserves or... more

The host will talk with a natrualist about claims of cures for aids victims. Naturalist presents a natural treatments for Ebola by strenghtening and cleasing the blood of infected patience. Natrual remedies have already been stent to Africa to assist in... more

Indepth discussion on the physocalical, and emotional aspects of forgiveness. From a social, moral, physocalical perspective, why FORGIVENESS is must for everyone.