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Dr. Jeanette Gallagher shares her experience through interactive, wide ranging discussions on topics including health, wellness, spirituality and better living in a lively conversation style with special guest experts from all health fields. Dr. Gallagher has experienced so many life, healthcare and natural disaster situations that she has developed a keen insight to hear where you are feeling pain, fear or concerns and shares with you solutions. Her work is through 'intuitive brainstorming' to ease you into the next step. Life is ever changing and help can be a mere suggestion that 'all will be ok and maybe you can try this?'. Her education is extensive as Naturopathic Physician, dental hygienist, mother of four children and over forty years of healthcare experience in varied roles from personal care to corporate positions. No matter what the situation or concern you may have, call in and see how Dr. Gallagher may help. You never know what options she may suggest.

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Allen Klein, author of Having the Time of Your Life: Little Lessons to Live By will be with us today to share his spark and humor on discussing many reasons people answer to 'What is Life' in so many glorious ways. Allen has 500 quotes to help us think about using few words to define something that has taken millions of years to answer but who does have the answers to 'why are we here'. Are you searching for the answer so that you can check that off your bucket list? Are you asking everyone you meet what their answer is so you can compare it to your deepest darkest thoughts which you will probably never share in this lifetime? Does love, life, and our journey ever really have a definition? Perhaps that is why so many are always searching and never feeling fullfilled. Maybe, just maybe, there is no answer, this is an experience in loving and learning, ahh. For more information about Allen and to purchase his book visit: www.allenklein.com
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