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Dr. Jeanette Gallagher shares her experience through interactive, wide ranging discussions on topics including health, wellness, spirituality and better living in a lively conversation style with special guest experts from all health fields. Dr. Gallagher has experienced so many life, healthcare and natural disaster situations that she has developed a keen insight to hear where you are feeling pain, fear or concerns and shares with you solutions. Her work is through 'intuitive brainstorming' to ease you into the next step. Life is ever changing and help can be a mere suggestion that 'all will be ok and maybe you can try this?'. Her education is extensive as Naturopathic Physician, dental hygienist, mother of four children and almost forty years of healthcare experience in varied roles from personal care to corporate positions. No matter what the situation or concern you may have, call in and see how Dr. Gallagher may help. You never know what options she may suggest.

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How can our dreams give us messages about our lives? Do you awaken to find yourself sweating from fear or excited with joy to meet the new day? My guest is KAYA, spiritual teacher and author of Dictionary Dreams-Signs-Symbols: The... more

Are you at wits end to help find ways to curb your migraine pain? Are you always popping pills in hopes of stoping the onset of a headache? What if you had a few simple tools to 'try first' before bringing in the pharmaceutical guns? Migraines... more

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Warning: BRING YOUR TISSUES!! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has a purpose that may teach us something and everyone has love and kindness to share; don't you agree? So why do so many people walk this earth with pent up... more

Have you formulated this vision of who you are and what you are? How are you doing at holding that up every day? Is it crumbling to your feet or is it a picture that you do not even recognize anymore? What is important to you, your... more

Does your marriage seem to ebb and flow with the wind of love, anger, disrespect or work? Does the world seem to 'have it all' and you are grasping at the vision of what your life should look like as it walks out the door? Life is hard, love is hard... more

Have you heard from your kids 'Mother, that was in the olden ages, they don't do things like that anymore' or 'Don't they have peeps to do that'? Has the power of technology and the internet breed teens and young adults the power to feel 'they... more

Can a pray save the world, shift the intentions of many or just help one person to go on in life? Is there power in prayer? Does it take more than one person to pray for the 'intended results'? What is a prayer and what is the potential of words... more

Once you have kids, did you lose some part of yourself? Have you given everything you can to their upbringing and at the end of the day feel spent? How much time and attention is available for you in this busy world with kids,... more