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Dr Jeanette Gallagher

Alternative Medicine and Wellness


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Dr. Jeanette Gallagher has recruited some of the most wonderful people to join her this year to talk about health and life topics. The conversations may ease your concerns, encourage deep laughter or challenge your beliefs but you will come away with a sense that something has stirred inside of you and you just can't wait to share it with others. Dr. Jeanette is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, retired dental hygienist, patient advocate, radio host and author. Her specialty is in helping others remember that life is a great gift, no matter what we are going through. Dr. J is in the 'healing of the heart and spirit' business and loves every moment. Her compassion and empathy can be felt as she shares her stories on air. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana as her four adult children have moved across the country to spread their wings. Private membership groups are available for personal help on www.drjeanettegallagher.com and www.mypersonaladvocate2.com She also has another website for reference: www.outoftheboxhealthcare.com

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Is cancer the end of your life no matter what step you are in the process? What lessons does it bring? Are you so angry that you cannot possibly see the forest through the trees and pain? Dr Wendy Treynor is the author of The Gift of Cancer: Turn Your Tragedy into a Treasure... A treasure map to happiness which she shares her journey with cancer. Wendy says she experienced it as a transformation and to start with a new set of rules to experience life. The experience of conditional love and self love have such a great hold on her life and what is the truth was what she was seeking. For more information visit: www.ICanHeal.com
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What is your identity inside yourself? What if how we have identified ourselves is taken away, like a job, a family or a persona that you have presented for decades? How can we change our thoughts to live a life that is what we may... more

Who is running your day? Are you present or always looking for the next shoe to fall? Can you let anything go or are you dragging around your baggage that is splitting at the seams? Do you really have the control to command what will... more

Is getting older better? Oh, do we really have to get old? What is the magic number that makes you feel old? Are the older expectations of life after 50 changed so much that it is hard to know how old anyone is these days? Pamela... more

Do you have to be happy every minute of every day? Do you always have to be stuck in the cement? How can I be happy? What does that really mean? I am not interested in being a jolly person every day, what the heck? Are you content... more

How many bottles are under your sink? Are you living in 'sheet', 'pod' and 'spray away' city? Or perhaps you are under the illusion that natural is perfect, no matter what else is in the product? Do you know what the tag words are not to have in... more

Do you forget your keys, pass by the milk which was the reason you went to a store in the first place or have so many lists that you don't have control of them? Do you have short term memory or seem like the world is going just too fast?... more

Have you had a significant life event or incident that altered your path in life? What is trauma these days of job and home loss, cancer diagnosis or tornadoes? How do you handle the passage of these emotions and physical symptoms... more

What is in a smile? Can a smile share your inner secrets? You say you have a great deal of compassion but forget about having it for yourself? Is the power to heal just in a pill or does it take more than a few affirmations? When held... more

Breast cancer is not easy, simple or just like everyone else's experience. It is unique, it touches every cell in your body and screams with all your emotions to pay attention and be present. Why are we making such light of this process... more