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***Make Life Happen*** Effectively tackle the issues and opportunities of your life by listening to professionals, authors, success stories and psychologists on a broad range of topics. What ever life is bringing to you now, we discuss in depth. Are you marrying, raising children, divorcing, seeking romance, groping for money? Perhaps you are stuck and feeling depressed, anxious, angry. Feeling overweight, needing to stop smoking or beginning to exercise. Or perhaps angles toward success is your drive: learning to attract money, lovers, or happiness. Interested in brain health, emotional highs, connection and love? Wondering about mind-body connections, spiritual practices and your personal human tribulations or paths? These topics about Making Your Life Happen will inspire and inform. Enjoy!! Contact me at any point for topics, questions, interviewee you wish to hear--drcarolfrancis.com--or 310-543-1824 or makelifehappennow@gmail.com--Love to hear from listeners. Carpe Diem!!

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The theory of Dr. David Barczyk's new book is that Wellness Wake-up Calls don't have to occur organically. The book contains simple tests, none requiring fancy equipment or special circumstances, designed to act as... more
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Books by Trish LeSage Trish LeSage is the author of the following three books: - Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates, And Beyond - Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, And Business Via Numerology - Traveling To... more

Join us with Win Kelly Charles- Inspire your best self! At age 24 I decided to tell my story. Writing this autobiography gave me the opportunity to pay tribute to my family members who are passionate about life and have instilled this passion in... more

Transport yourself into the realms of magic, mythical creatures, passionate love with soul, compelling adventures and hours of enjoyable reading as you settle down to read The Rudimentum Series: Aeon Eternal authored by D.B.... more

Experiences and interacations with angels and extraterrestrial are unusual, unique or maybe pure fiction. Today we discuss talking with Angels and encounters with ETs with author Tom Moore. For more information: Gentle Way... more

Brain States and the Psychology of DreamsWhen we are asleep, parts of the brain that govern our waking life shut down, but many other parts of the brain remain switched on. One brain region very active when we are dreaming is... more

Don Saunder's insights change lives, propel successes, and catapult hopelessness into dynamic focused paths. In the spirit of Make Life Happen NOW Productions, we are honored to help Don Saunders spread this information so... more

In the moment that we give thanks, everything changes . . . . . . Our hearts crack open. We are flooded with love. And in that exact instant, we shift to an awareness that is positive, joyous, and brimming. Sharing uplifting stories that... more

Publishing coach, Randy Peyser, pitches books to agents and publishers after her company edits or ghostwrites them. She has 19 people under contract with agents or publishers right now through her company, Author One Stop, Inc.,... more

Raven Keyes, Reiki Master and author of book "The Healing Power of Reiki," uses Reiki in operating rooms with physicians such as well-known Dr. Oz. She explains the power of Reiki as a Healing Energy and how Reiki can assist with... more

Yes! You can change your personality so that you create successful relationships, business possibilities, family enjoyment, physical well-being, happiness and satisfaction. Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis enlivens you with the... more
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