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***Make Life Happen*** Effectively tackle the issues and opportunities of your life by listening to professionals, authors, success stories and psychologists on a broad range of topics. What ever life is bringing to you now, we discuss in depth. Are you marrying, raising children, divorcing, seeking romance, groping for money? Perhaps you are stuck and feeling depressed, anxious, angry. Feeling overweight, needing to stop smoking or beginning to exercise. Or perhaps angles toward success is your drive: learning to attract money, lovers, or happiness. Interested in brain health, emotional highs, connection and love? Wondering about mind-body connections, spiritual practices and your personal human tribulations or paths? These topics about Making Your Life Happen will inspire and inform. Enjoy!! Contact me at any point for topics, questions, interviewee you wish to hear--drcarolfrancis.com--or 310-543-1824 or makelifehappennow@gmail.com--Love to hear from listeners. Carpe Diem!!

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Temple Hayes, author of When Did You Die? 8 Steps To Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up guides us forward through the process of becoming invigorated to be boldly our Selves while fulfilling our ultimate dreams, or destiny. Being true to your self, your purpose in life, your true nature, or your passionate dreams takes disciplined conscious efforts and choices. Recognizing when you have lost your self under the demands of parents, children, spouses, bosses, media, financial concerns, daily chores, ill-health, or oppressive abusers and abuses is the first step toward waking up and taking charge of returning to being your true self. Temple Ann Hayes is an ordained Unity minister, international motivational speaker, and Minister of First Unity Campus, a New Thought center, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Temple Ann Hayes's diverse background includes military service, Softball player, Civil Rights leader, national speaker and author. Temple Hayes can be reached through http://www.templehayes.com for wonderful tools, insights and support.
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Many diseases adversely affect our brain health later in life such as Alzheimer's, dementia and Parkinsons. Perhaps we can help by maintaining good oxygen levels and doing activites which activate our brain daily, like computer games,... more

Mike Rogalski teaches Remote Viewing throughout the Southern California regions to those eager to use their given powers to perceive what is at some distance away. Remote Viewing is a mental or clair-cognizance technique... more

A People's History of the Peculiar A Freak Show of Facts, Random Obsessions and Astounding Truths by Nick Belardes; Foreword by Caroline Leavitt · The author's work has appeared in media outlets such as Fox, CNN, and ABC... more

Brigit is a professional tarot card reader internationally known through her amazingly detailed, useful and generous website: http://www.biddytarot.com. Today, Brigit illuminates how any Tarot deck of cards becomes the purest tool... more

Power of words, touch, images, sensations, relaxation and arousal can be effected through hypnotic processes. Enhancing your sexual intimacy and romantic fun leads to emotional satisfaction between lovers who are also... more

Fatigue, blues, depression, weight gain, cognitive slippage, foggy brain, weak feeling, heavy but unrestful sleeping and many more symptoms that appear psychological in nature are associated with hypothyroid complications,... more

Divorce is pitted with complications, as are the ending days of your marriage. One huge complication concerns your monies. James Manion, a Financial Advisor, spends his time with clients smoothing out the information about investments... more

The theory of Dr. David Barczyk's new book is that Wellness Wake-up Calls don't have to occur organically. The book contains simple tests, none requiring fancy equipment or special circumstances, designed to act as potential Wellness... more

EAT BUT DON'T GROW FAT is of course the goal of healthy living and eating. With so much propaganda, false products and falacious hope building on the topic, consumers are confused. Eating fresh and exercising daily is of course... more

Akashic Records are said to store your past, present and perhaps future life(s). Imagine reading an entire library of books about you and those whom you weave lives with and you are imagining the experiences of visiting your... more
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