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***Make Life Happen*** Effectively tackle the issues and opportunities of your life by listening to professionals, authors, success stories and psychologists on a broad range of topics. What ever life is bringing to you now, we discuss in depth. Are you marrying, raising children, divorcing, seeking romance, groping for money? Perhaps you are stuck and feeling depressed, anxious, angry. Feeling overweight, needing to stop smoking or beginning to exercise. Or perhaps angles toward success is your drive: learning to attract money, lovers, or happiness. Interested in brain health, emotional highs, connection and love? Wondering about mind-body connections, spiritual practices and your personal human tribulations or paths? These topics about Making Your Life Happen will inspire and inform. Enjoy!! Contact me at any point for topics, questions, interviewee you wish to hear--drcarolfrancis.com--or 310-543-1824 or makelifehappennow@gmail.com--Love to hear from listeners. Carpe Diem!!

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Optimists live happier lifes. They see the possibility, the solution and the meaningfulness in a tough situation better than the pessimist or depressed or the highly stressed. Can optimists be living in denial? Do optimists adopt a fantasy... more

Cyberbullying, internet trolling, cruel invasion of privacy is a focus of one portion of todays show. This show is for parents, children and school teachers who need some guidance on managing those who delight in hurting others. Secondly, we... more

Child Abuse and Spousal Abuse are on the increase due to financial wows. How can you remedy this situation in your own home or community? Listen in for some constructive ideas. DrCarolFrancis.com; RelationshipSuccessNow.com

Lose weight, be happy, be free of stress or depression, reduce body aches and signs of aging, increase energy, enliven your potential, think more clearly, produce more positive results. Sound good. If we paid attention to our most obvious... more

Exploring the realms of the invisible, unknown, powerful, divine, spiritual is fascinating regardless of your point of view. Generally, hearing the amazing experiences of others makes us contemplate the realities that we do not see... more

Everyone has different emotional and physical pain thresholds. Everyone has different "breaking-points" where they can not conceive of enduring more pain. In our modern western society, pain medications are among the most... more

Part I: "Re-uniting Soldier with Family" by Dr. Carol Francis addresses many issues families and soldiers have to deal with during the comings and goings of a soldier's life. Today will be an introduction to the various dimensions that... more

Weight loss, weight control, or weight management can be approached through various tools. Today, we discuss three tool (and many tools within those three categories) that are fun ways to lose weight and maintain. Today will be 20%... more

Bodies are chemical factories and our moods, personality, decisions and expressions of complications are very influenced by the foods we eat. Or are they? We will discuss the effects of fats on the brain, on suicidal gestures and... more

Weight Loss, Weight Control, Weight Management is a dance that each western society adult (and many children) spend daily moments contemplating. Tools, so many tools, are available to harness your will-power, motivation, tenacity,... more
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