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***Make Life Happen*** Effectively tackle the issues and opportunities of your life by listening to professionals, authors, success stories and psychologists on a broad range of topics. What ever life is bringing to you now, we discuss in depth. Are you marrying, raising children, divorcing, seeking romance, groping for money? Perhaps you are stuck and feeling depressed, anxious, angry. Feeling overweight, needing to stop smoking or beginning to exercise. Or perhaps angles toward success is your drive: learning to attract money, lovers, or happiness. Interested in brain health, emotional highs, connection and love? Wondering about mind-body connections, spiritual practices and your personal human tribulations or paths? These topics about Making Your Life Happen will inspire and inform. Enjoy!! Contact me at any point for topics, questions, interviewee you wish to hear--drcarolfrancis.com--or 310-543-1824 or makelifehappennow@gmail.com--Love to hear from listeners. Carpe Diem!!

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Divorce is pitted with complications, as are the ending days of your marriage. One huge complication concerns your monies. James Manion, a Financial Advisor, spends his time with clients smoothing out the information about... more
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Weight Loss, Weight Control, Weight Management is a dance that each western society adult (and many children) spend daily moments contemplating. Tools, so many tools, are available to harness your will-power, motivation, tenacity,... more

Part II: Let's keep discussing the nature and remedies for the blues of depression. Yesterday we discussed the following and today we continue on. So depression, sadness, grief, tearfulness and other forms of the blues are a part of... more

Depression, sadness, grief, tearfulness--yes these are reactions to life that are genuine and inevitable at certain junctions. Death of loved-ones, divorce, disasterous losses, romantic failures, shared empathy with other sufferers, etc.,... more

Conscientious consumers wish to know which type of psychotherapy and counseling will help their marriage, relationship, child, job success, depression, anxiety or feelings of being lost. Different therapist help under different... more

Profound volunteer opportunity awaits you. Jay Goldinger, founder of Food on Foot (foodonfoot.or) aims to help those who have regretfully found themselves homeless. He wish to help homeless build the insight, discipline and self-esteem... more

Dr. Carol Francis discusses four different eating patterns in light of cravings and remedies. Bulimia, Anorexia, Over-Eating, Compulsive Eating each are eating patterns that are associated to cravings for FOOD. How to reset your food... more

Weight Loss or Weight Control has been taken over by the surgical world of lap band and gastro-intestinal surgeries. These surgeries are life threatening, dangerous, and questionably successful according to patients and statistical... more

Gaining weight during menopause transforms a women's body into an unknown form with various discomforts. This inevitable event will take most women by surprise and a few women will attempt to avoid such with hormone replacement... more

Recovery from sexual abuse as a little girl varies for every woman. Recovery can depend upon the extent of the sexual interactions, the psychological grotesque distortion, who (family, stranger, neighbor) imposed the sexual violation,... more

Guests today discuss femaie sexuality, sensuality, body image and self-respect. Join Dr. Carol Francis and her guests in this pertinent discussion that affects every women and everyone around her. drcarolfrancis.com,... more
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