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Dr. Steve G. Jones on Astral Projection and Empowerment

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Dr Carol Francis

Dr Carol Francis


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Dr. Steve G. Jones, Master Hypnotherapist, Master of NLP explores with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Hypnosis.  These tools enhance ones mental or spiritual capacity to travel through time and space.  These experiences expand people's powers to live effectively and excitingly. Dr. Steve G. Jones has developed a highly effective training program to advance these skills at  theartofastralprojection.com.

"Once any person experiences Astral Projection or Remote Viewing verified by objective data, that person realizes that they do not need to live powerlessly or as a victim of life's burdens," suggests Dr. Carol Francis.  "So, Dr. Steve G. Jones will help each of us move into our power to live even more effectively by using these amazing tools of Astral Projection."  

Dr. Steve G. Jones is also founder of American Alliance of Hypnotists, American University of NLP, and Global Sciences Foundation.  His doctorate in education is from Georgia Southern University.  He empowers millions with over a thousand CDs, instructional courses and self-help materials.  

Dr. Steve G. Jones can be reached at SteveGJones.com.  Relevant materials include his CDs on Astral Projections, 12 Strand DNA Activation, Kundalini Activation.  

Dr. Carol Francis, founder Soul Journey Tools (souljourneytools.com) and author of many books including "Spiritual Gurus, Spiritual Paths: Your Choice" helps individuals move beyond perceived limits.  In addition to being a Clinical Psychologist for over 32 years, she is trained in Shamanism, Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, as well.  Dr. Carol Francis can be reached through drcarolfrancis.com, 310-543-1824.  



0:32 Dr. Carol Francis

Hello everybody! This is Dr. Carol Francis on Make Life Happen. It's going to be a brilliant day and a wonderful program because your life is going to be changed. Perhaps you already have had out-of-body experiences of all sorts, of different sorts. Perhaps after life or death, as they know, saving your death experience. Perhaps you have floated out of your body during an operation. Perhaps you've actually practiced that art of astral projection and remote viewing and maybe in the context of meditation or mindfulness practices, you have found yourself being able to elevate yourself beyond your biological beam into some other state. Or perhaps you are in a frame of mind where this is all very bizarre, very beyond what we would normally expect, and yet you are willing to entertain the possibility because the possibility of you being able to live a life, both in your body and outside your body, will expand your sense of who you are and what powers you have to be truly living life as dynamically as you would like to. And in order to bring this home to you in a most effective way possible, Dr. Steve G. Jones has accepted the invitation to participate and he is going to share with you the why's, the how's, the science behind it, the experimentation behind it in order for you to be able to really go into the process even if you are a skeptic or you want to see what you can do. So, Dr. Steve G. Jones, welcome to the Dr. Carol Francis Show, we're glad you could be here.

2:01 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, thank you. It is great to be here.

2:05 Dr. Carol Francis

Tell us a little bit about your experience with astral projection. We are going to start with your stories, but then we're gonna move on to the skepticism and the question and inquiries about it. So what is your experience with astral projection?

2:20 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, I started getting involved in it when I was a teenager. I was in Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia. My parents have sent me to military school. You know, a lot of parents threaten to send them away, but mine actually did. And so I felt kind of trapped. And I started reading a book by a guy named Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, who said in his book that he has been a Tibetan monk and he was channeling that energy, and I just kept reading and reading and he was talking about things such as reading auras, astral projecting and working with chakras, and I didn't ever feel if it is real or not. So I had a dream one night, and the dream that I had was that I was out after 10 o'clock, that's capped. It's lights out. You're supposed to be in your room in military school after 10 p.m. And I had a dream that I was out of my room and I was very concerned because I thought I would get in trouble and there is another kid with me, who I would never associate with. He was one of the "bad kid" that always getting a trouble, and we were there. We were concerned we're going to get caught. And so we hid behind a bus. Well, the next day, I saw him at school since we all live there at the military school, and I said, what did you dream about? And he said, it was about you. And I said, could you be more specific. He described the exact situation, and so it was that time that I realized I was on to something real.

3:52 Dr. Carol Francis

These various occasions of experiences like us that led million to wanting to know more about astral projection as well, but when you use the word 'real' I really do think about is a key thing I want to land on, the science behind astral projection, the research behind astral projection is still not that caught up to the research behind Biology or medical interventions or pharmaceutical. It's just not caught up to that. So therefore, how can it ended that you'll know that astral projection or out-of-body experience is not just a bizarre part of our imagination.

4:23 Dr. Steve G. Jones

One of the best way to do what I think is to just have a friend, write something on a card, like an index card, or a post-it note, something of that size. Just a number or a symbol or something and to put that in a room at night, perhaps on the dresser and then for you to be the person in "proving this", traveling in the astral world to the room, seeing that number or symbol and reporting back to them what it was the next day and seeing if they verify that.

5:00 Dr. Carol Francis

And have that happened to you?

5:03 Dr. Carol Francis

What was it like?

5:03 Dr. Steve G. Jones


5:07 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, I was the one doing the reporting, so it was very shocking for my friends. He said, well, you must have some house __05:14__, a house gone to my room at night and looked at it. There is really no other way you could have done that. And we don't like this. That's not the way I did it. I didn't have to go who was out in his room this year. So it's very interesting when you have some sort of evidence like that. Now, that's not something that would hold off in a research paper. It's just not good enough, but it's something that would hold off to an individual to convince you personally that what you're getting into is real.

5:33 Dr. Carol Francis

Okay, so beyond those sort of experience which are, whenever I __05:56__ journeys, right there in a moment, I say, 'Okay, you're going to go and travel to such and such a place' and I will just give the general parameters. They also lack out of the general parameters what you're going to, and then in the process of that, they will go off, come back, and text the person the person that they have visited. Where are you at? Give me some feedback, and the name will afterwards report yet. That's where they were. I saw them where they were, doing what they were doing. And every time I hear this, my jaw drops like 'Really, this is so real'. And if it is so real to you, why are we not using this as more of our power, more of our expressions of who we are.

5:57 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, it's, I guess people look at it as a sort of like, 'well, we all have similar dreams', something like that. I don't think that the general public realizes how to classify this, or how to make it practical. Most people don't believe in it. Most people have not experienced conscious astral projection, so there remain just a few groups here and if you are into it, a lot of isolated individuals who are into it. A lot of people buy products from the internet about it, but they usually do that in the privacy of their own homes, not working within, no worker's support, support group of any kind. And then I think a lot of people are concerned about talking, about what others, those that were kind of friends, because it just sounds so out there. So I think for this reason, that has not gained more attraction.

7:38 Dr. Carol Francis

__7:37_ You are a founder of one of the science organizations. I am not sure exactly what does that. I'd love to hear, are you engaging in any sort of empirical data collection along these lines about astral projection, out-of-body experiences?

7:53 Dr. Steve G. Jones

We have in the past, we're not currently doing that, but we definitely have had interest in that in the past, and one of the interesting studies that was done a long while ago before I started getting involved in this, in fact, I believe, it was in the 70's where studies just simply taking the weight of a person's body before and during astral projection and seeing if there is a difference. The theory there being that there is an immeasurable weight to the soul. That was just fascinating to me. We have not gauged in this nor by seeing the data on this. I don't know who has done these studies, so I am not able to speak to the validity, but there is something fascinating that we will probably want to explore at some point, and it would need to be of course, a very precise scale measuring very slight ounces and weight differences, and so the idea is you put them on a scale, let them lie down, have them consciously astral project, have them signal you somehow when they are astral projecting, and then notice if there is a difference in the weight of the body. Therefore, potentially offering some sort of credibility to the idea that the soul is separate from the body, and there is something measurable going on. It's that sort of empirical data that we are going to need moving forward if this going to become part of the mainstream knowledge of human anatomy, if you will.

9:37 Dr. Carol Francis

Exactly. So we can move into the process of how did you astral projection. But before you do that, you mentioned on a sort of a good solid program that you are pretty art of astral projection, which is at theartofastralprojection.com. You do discuss, say the brain waves is the most ideal way, most, I don't know, ideal state of mind in order to be able to access yourself, remove yourself into this process. Have we studied what happens to individuals when they are in stata in terms of cognitive process, the brain napping, the neurological signals, have we done any of that yet?

10:15 Dr. Steve G. Jones

There has been a lot of that done, not by myself. There's something that was done by, I think a lot of psychologists are very into that, into researching that, and so, a branch of Psychiatry that looks at that particularly so. There is a fairly robust body of knowledge that is outside of my humbled expertise, unfortunately. But it does exist, if anyone wanted to access the externals.

10:51 Dr. Carol Francis

Now this is also __10:52__ or metaphysical perspective, is that correct?

10:57 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Yes, it has actually helped to mold them in large part because I did not naturally had a metaphysical perspective before I started getting into astral projection and seeing _11:07_ for it.

11:11 Dr. Carol Francis

So what are some of the paradigms or the approaches to the world beyond who we are as human beings. Have you integrated or advanced in your life, and in your own practice that relates to astral projection. People can't understand the power does have the ability to change perspectives that this had.

11:34 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, absolutely, you know my mother passed away when I was six. She died of leukemia. She wanted to see my sixth birthday a couple of days later. Unfortunately, she passed away. And I remember my father coming in and telling me about that and my intent to visualize what he was talking about. He said she is would gotten now in heaven, that is how he put it. I did not really understand what that meant. That was the first time in my life that I, outside of TV, that had come into contact with this concept of death. I did not realize that people pass away and I did not know what that meant. And so, ever since that point in my life, I had been struggling with understanding it. Then as I grew older, I guess around 8 or 10, we start to figure out what that means, but at that time, I remember I visualized it. I remember thinking that her soul would be like a board, like a piece of plywood, in fact, a small piece of plywood that would fit her body and when she died that board will come out and lift upwards. That was visualization of the soul leaving the body upon that as a 6 year old. And it's really not that far off. I don't know where the plywood concept in from but aside from that, very similar to actually happens, which is that the soul does with the body now. When we look at astral projections, soul leaves the body also, but it's connected to the body through the silver cord, connecting the umbilicus of the astral body to the umbilicus of the physical body, the belly button, if you will, and so we come back to the physical body although we are able to travel in the astral world. And upon that, that cord is severed and we just don't come back. So that concept and understanding, what happens as I discovered as a teenager when I was started reading about these concepts actually helped me immensely in just understanding life itself.

13:34 Dr. Steve G. Jones

You know, this is not the be-all end-all. This is not the everything. This three-dimensional existence we have here is not the whole picture. There is something else going on. And just says, I believe all the major religions of the world, and I was a creature for _13:50__ of Christ as you point out. From 1990 to 1995 as I got into more of a religious quest, but I believe all the major religions of the world teach us concepts that you are more than your body, you are a soul, you are eternal. Life does go on. And so there is nothing else, there is a tremendous amount of comfort then.

14:17 Dr. Carol Francis

The passage of being able to be not dead and alive in the cervical body and then being able to move to places, all sorts of different places, including places where individuals have died and we can go and visit them, and you mentioned that in some of your work. What other places or what other collection of places that you would encourage to look into, investigating.

14:34 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, I think, people should understand, first of all, that, we are in the astral world, you can see the three-dimensional world, meaning everything in your everyday living, your home, your car, your place of work, your banks, the restaurant you go to when you go out to eat. All of that, you can see from the astral world. It's not part of the astral world, you can also see it from the astral world, sort of like getting under water, you can still look out and see though not perfectly clearly, you can see people's faces, you can see buildings on the shore. If you are in the water and say you're on a pool of a hotel, and you look out from the water, you can still see the building, the people, the lounge chairs. That is sort of like seeing the three-dimensional world from the astral world.

15:34 Dr. Steve G. Jones

But as you swim around in the pool, or better yet, if you're swimming in the ocean or something, more interesting body of water, you would also see what's in the ocean and that would be equivalent to the things that exist in the astral world, the astral structures, which exist at a higher vibratory rate. And that's why we don't see them in the three-dimensional world because they are of higher vibration. So, the places that are interesting would be one of the places that I think you would find most interesting would be in Egypt, and just seeing the difference between the pyramids of Egypt and the astral structures of Egypt, that is very interesting. And any time you go to one of these places where you have something really old and really fascinating, in the three-dimensional world, when you look at the astral counterpart, which there doesn't have to be one, that many times there is a natural counterpart. It is far more elaborate and in far more interest than what actually exists. It is also not subject to decay. So, either part of a theater or tourist nap for someone in the astral world, I would say, make your first stop Egypt.

16:46 Dr. Carol Francis

__16:48_ suggestion. Okay, my first experience that I can verify of astral projection, I actually went in the mirror space station. I had not a clue of what was going on. I was so immersed in my life, raising kids, working, incredibly busy, don't even know the mirror station at that time. Parents as I can say is messed up, but it's just the truth of it. So here I was doing some astral projection kind of experimenting with it and I found myself on the space station. Again not knowing where I was, but I could see the astronauts, I could see the cosmonauts, I could see the configuration of the station and then some emergency had happened, and I could see what the concept of the situation when I tried yelling at the astronaut, do this, do this, do this. Okay, as I came back to my body, trying to say, Oh well, I have such a vivid imagination. Huh! Entrusting. Go to sleep. So that was kind of the way it was. The next morning when I woke up, driving in the car, turned on the MPR radio, they had this announcement about this amazingly complicated situation that happened on the mirror space station the night before. I was in shock. Because what they were allowed to describe so paralleled to what I had actually seen, and the astronauts layout, what I was later able to investigate the _18:03__ of the job, mind boggling. But it was after that stir that I said to myself, this is not a round to be taken lightly. This is not a procedural process. To be taught of it just again, it can be back, well defined, very intriguing, but this is one of our potentials, one of our capacities. And as you said, every single religious writing somewhere in there has one of their teachers up in very least trying to describe this sort of process to individuals and say, this is yours to experience.

18:46 Dr. Carol Francis

This is yours in the bodily form to experience. So I feel that a lot of people do withhold from them the opportunity to really go forward with this. And that's why as you said please, now, teach us. I know you have a wonderful system, but teach us to have this stubs, if you wouldn't mind for people to take hold of including the materials that you offer.

19:07 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Oh sure, well, the system that I developed, __ 19:10___ he is a friend of mine. He runs the company called MindValley in Malaysia, and he called me about six or seven years ago, and he was just getting started with this MindValley concept and getting authors and publishing them. He saw that I had a lot of hypnosis stuff and some astral projection stuff on line. He asked me if I would be willing to produce a very elaborate and comprehensive system for him that he could then get out to the public to help them learn astral projection, so I started working on it, and it took about year because the system that he wanted was just very elaborate and all encompassing, so it's about, I believe it's about 18 hours of material covering a lot of things. That's from the promise of using hypnosis for the hypnotherapist. If you want to live this, then you'll have to do it that way, but it works that way and this is an easy way to do it. It is sort of like if you're going into surgery, well, they could sedate you or not, but it's going to be a lot more easy if they sedate you. So there's going to be a lot more refused hypnosis because you'd be calm and unlike sedatives, it's all natural, see if you put yourself in the hypnotic trance and then you are able to calm down and not to be able to do this, a lot of times, you can get too anxious about it. So I teach you how to clear your shock __20:44__, which is the energy that the powers, the whole concept, and then you slowly over a few weeks get the whole body part out into the astral world, _20:57__ exact replica of you in your astral body. So you have an astral aura masteral left leg, astral right leg, etc. And see if you can work on getting them out and then you get your entire body out.

21:07 Dr. Steve G. Jones

And when I give you personal instructions about where you can go, then you're kind them on you're on the bad point, but the program is available at theartofastralprojection.com and that's where we recreated this. There is also a fairly robust and active place for community link to that. Just to keep everyone _21:39__ working through this, just to keep them encouraged, we have people out there who have through a further back of road, who have been into __21:27_ center are already having success. They are there to give tips to other people in the community to help them out.

21:55 Dr. Carol Francis

Okay that's wonderful. Again, folks, theartofastralprojection.com, we're talking to Dr. Steve G. Jones. Dr. Steve G. Jones, how do people contact you, outwards. They have no ____, but let's do caviar right now and then we'll go back to the discussion. But how do they contact you.

22:12 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, just my website, which is just my name, stevegjones.com.

22:23 Dr. Carol Francis

Thanks. When individuals emerge out of their body for the first time, I know that you discussed that you went through kind of a bursting process. Like the shackles of your physical body where __22:38__ being disengaged in order to be able to free you up to travel. Is that a common experience? Should people kind of anticipate this is gonna be something like that? Or does it vary per personality, or what's the variance of those.

22:54 Dr. Steve G. Jones

It's all over the map. It really does. Some people just scan the light right out. Some people just find themselves on the other side of the room. Some people have a bit of struggle as a baby being born, which was similar to my experience. It really depends, and as people, I don't know what it depends on. It is multifactorial, I'm sure. I'm sure depends on personalities as you mentioned. Depends on their situation as __23.36__ and also, probably a lot of factors that contribute to it. We're all able to do this. It's just, I believe, systems and times get in our way and causes us to have results that vary in terms of how we get out the first time. But my experience is, some more to a birthing experience.

23:46 Dr. Carol Francis

Ho do you differentiate astral projection from an out-of body experience or remote viewing or Shamanic soul journeys, or they all similar in the mind of lucid dreaming ___ to it. How are all this kind of connector not connect from your perspective.

24:06 Dr. Steve G. Jones

): A lot of them do connect. It relies that people who are getting into this have to realize that there is also the ability to dream these things. For example, if your experience in the mirror space station, you thought it was a dream. But you verified that it was not a dream. It just is, you could dream about that. Obviously, that was not a dream, but there's nothing stopping you from dreaming about the space. I can dream that tonight, and it can just be a truer fantasy dream. The fact you heard verification of that shows me that you were astral projecting, but not every dream about an experience is an astral experience. So we need to understand that one of the ways you can really tell is the way you feel in the dream. For example, my first time I'm astral projecting, I thought I had body lose just energy, I was just made out of energy. It feels different when you're astral projecting. It doesn't feel like you're a passive observer. It feels like you are vibrating. Another way to figure this out is by, as I said, have third party verification where you look at the number or something and you report that back to them and see if that was the number or the symbol page put out.

25:29 Dr. Carol Francis

In terms of like a process, people going into psychic readings or looking as if they can tell what's going on in another location, is that mind travel versus and astral body travel or do we know?

25:46 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well that's the, friends call remote viewing. A friend of mine named Berg does that quite a bit. He is very much into that. In fact, he developed a program for mind value as well about remote viewing, and when I was talking to him about a year ago in Hawaii, we talked a little bit about this and some of it can be done if not all can be done without reaching your body. It did not have to reach your body. You can do it in your body so, remote viewing, although you can do it in the astral world, it does not have to be done in the astral world. Also, I should touch on something I mentioned earlier, which is lucid dreaming. And this is the question I get all the time about lucid dreaming. Is lucid dreaming the same as astral projection and what's the difference? It's not the same. Well, a dream is a dream, even if it is just a lucid dream. It is just a dream, and astral projection is an actual experience that you have. And so when we had a lucid dream, we suddenly become aware of what's going on and if those people had not seen the movie, Waking Life, I recommend that, I am not _26.55__ of the movie, I am not the producer or anything. I don't get any credits as anyone sees it, but the movie Waking Life was a great movie, which shows how lucid dreaming works, and it shows some casts who figure out if you are lucid dreaming. If you think you are lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming does means you kind of wake up in a dream. You become aware and but you're still in a dream and so you can do a lot of things. It is kind of meek. And so one of the things I recommend, the movie is like a life switch. You slip it on and off. If you put in a light switch on and off, it does not ___ the lighting in the room in the way that is should, then you're probably in a dream. So you do things like that and you find out that you're not really _27.42__ out. You're not asked for projecting either.

27:46 Dr. Steve G. Jones

You were dreaming. So lucid dreaming is nothing more than being in a dream and becoming aware of the dream. Astral projection is different from that. Because astral projections means that you are out of your body and you are able to actually do things in the astral word. Now, let's go to the technical definition, and there is a line of delineation, one is a dream and one is reality. However, sometimes people think they are having a lucid dream when in fact they are astral projecting, or they think they are astral projecting when in fact they are having a lucid dream. So, that's why these little tasks become important. In a lucid dream you wouldn't be able to figure out something, if somebody wrote somewhere and report it back to them because you are just in your own head dreaming, but in astral projection, you would. So that's why this validation tests are really handy.

28:39 Dr. Carol Francis

Another when I went to the mirror station, I was actually awake. I knew where my body was. I was very conscious of my surroundings and the people that were in the room at the time while I was doing this exercise of astral projection, and I think that compared to other events or other people, not everybody has that kind of dual consciousness, and yet I think that's possible and I'm wondering what you think the difference is like the Hindu bifurcation or the bilocation process where they are conscious during one location and they are also in body in some sort of visual, I don't know what you call it. So this bilocation consciousness, how is that compared to astral projection, and I don't know how far we're gonna get off on that on those __29.32___. What do you think about that.

29:37 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Right, I don't really know how that works. I am not familiar with the bilocation process. You probably can bring someone else in on the call of who, looks originatory in the future with someone else who is aware of that. Unfortunately, I'm not able to speak about that because I don't know anything about it.

29:57 Dr. Carol Francis

Okay, I totally appreciate knowing where you began and where you end on that regard. You know, Michael Harner of Shamanic Foundation decided, decades ago, that he could go in to collect all the people who did Shamanic journey, which I think includes all these variations and forms, the soul retrieval and soul journeying, I mean to estimate our chance like there is a call __30:22__ of experience and showed that you have so much divergence that we just really don't know but he decided that he was gonna get everybody to declare where they went, who they saw, what they experienced, and try to map out the sole universe, I said it's vague, has, and who would ever done, that was astral projection where people map out and try to compare experiences like say, to Egypt or the mirror station, and nobody damn matter proposed that on any of your services are Facebook sites.

30:52 Dr. Steve G. Jones

That was done years ago by a _10:54__ group called Eckony car. I believe there are __30:58___, have you heard the name.

31:01 Dr. Carol Francis

Yes, I have.

31:03 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well Eckony Car is a religion, It is also called EK. They are led by Shry Harold Clamp. When I met with them in the 80s, I don't know if he is still around. They always have a new leader if one passes away, so you just check it out. But Eckony Car, you know, I remember, there were functions in the 80s. I really don't even know what it was. I was going to ___31.31_ doing everything and so they came to town and I was at the University of Florida and they had put up something at the hotel, and I went over there and saw. I wasn't to lecture on it, and they have books describing the physical way out of the astral rounds, not only one is given access from the airplane but higher vibrations. So, they have numerous books with tremendous detail. So I am not pushing any religion, and I do not know anything about Eckony Car other than the fact that they believe in astral projection, it is a big part of their religion and they have books on it. So if you want to get into astral geography, I recommend at least checking out their books.

32:20 Dr. Carol Francis

Have you done your own astral geography?

32:23 Dr. Steve G. Jones

What I am sorry?

32:25 Dr. Carol Francis

Your own astral geography, your own mapping of places that you have gone and things you have experienced.

32:32 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Not in the, not in the Louise and Clark sense. I have not, you know, taken exact coordinates, but I have, I have put this in the program. I have looked at things and I have described them, the things that I think are interesting, but nothing in terms of getting some kind of measurements. You know, measurements can be difficult because you are not able to bring out, you know, a tape measure with you or anything like that for example or any other large scale laser-type, you know, things that surveyors use now are more sophisticated when they set them up on a tripod and figure out how long things are, where they begin and end and so fort survey equipment; it is not something that you have access to in the astral world, so nothing fancy, but I have done a few descriptions.

33:27 Dr. Carol Francis

Yeah? Okay. So now we are talking about moving outside the body. I decided recently and I want to see what you think about this. This specific experience is so powerful they must have the potential to create healing on the material realm, at a psychological realm, in terms of psychology, I also go_33:43_, as well as relationships. So I thought I would experiment with my body so I decided why not go astral projecting into the cells of your body so that no realm is out of, I thought no realm is out my reach. That is why I want to believe, so I encourage myself to experiment with this. So I wanted to know what uses of this you have thought about or employed or experiment with in terms of bodily healing or moving into the cellular level of investigation.

34:22 Dr. Steve G. Jones

I have not done any of that. I think that is fascinating. I really had not thought about it. I think that is a great idea. I would be fascinated to hear more about that.

34:32 Dr. Carol Francis

_34:34_ today. So, you have also mentioned on your site that the astral projection experience liberates you to have a heightened state of your consciousness and if you are more conscious, thus you are more conscientious and more aware of the diversities of going on. How have you set to create healing in yourself, your clients, your colleagues, your friends, how does that create of some sort of transformation _35:02_ wise?

35:05 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, once you are in the astral world, a lot of things become a lot easier. For example, seeing an aura, seeing your own aura, seeing other people's auras. So on a macroscopic level, and I appreciate the works you are doing on microscopic level, but on microscopic level you can see areas of the body that might need some attention and once you learn how to understand the colors of the aura - which is also covered in the program at theartsofastralprojection.com - it is easy to figure out what is going on so I found that it has been of tremendous value to be able to astral project because a lot of these things that people work on that they consider difficult such as, you know, psychic abilities, reading minds and so fort, you know, not in an invasive way but just having an invitation with a lover for example or a close friend at a psychic level. That becomes easier on the astral world seeing auras becomes easier, everything becomes a lot easier because you are just pure spirit and you also get over the "I do not believe in this" notion because you are already in the astral world so your confidence rises tremendously and that is a lot of times the barrier that people have between their ability and their inability to do something is how much they believe in it. So I found tremendous benefit for myself and clients in that regard.

36:31 Dr. Carol Francis

You also connected to exploring the _36:33_ records and know advocacies in that to cultivate of people's understanding, healing, the cultivation of money, intimacy, sexual intimacy, talk about any of these aspects that come to mind in terms of how people can change their life and in this material world by way of accessing astral projection abilities.

37:00 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Sure. Well, a lot of times, people who are in -- let us talk about physical intimacy first, I think that is a really interesting topic for people, most people are interested in that or at least that is my experiences with that -- a lot of times wheat people report in terms of intimacy is that they wish they could sort of crawl inside the body of the other person, you know. Physical intimacy only goes so far and feeling a soul connection can be very difficult in a physical sense with physical intimacy and this is acknowledged by the people engaged in that that their bodies have limits, you know, my body ends here and yours begins their. It is a set boundary in a physical world and that is not going to change. Btu in the astral world, that boundary is quite a bit different. You can actually bridge that gap between the separate location of each body, and so it becomes fat more intimate and that is why people prefer things such as you know, the intimacy that you can have in the astral world. It is not the same as the physical world, so there are pluses and minuses. You are not going to for example create a child that in the astral world with astral intimacy. On the other hand, you are going to get closer to the person on a literally on a soul level. So that is one of the realms that it helps and also if we take a complete turn from that look at finances, people wonder at how astral projection going to help my finances. Well, a lot of times, when people astral project, they are able to network a lot better because they are able to reach out on a soul level to some of the groups or people that they would like to meet. So, you can start to create those connections in the astral world, meeting with people in their astral body is a really good way to get to know someone. Now, you never use this to be invasive and to go somewhere where you are not invited, I think people should keep that in mind, never go where you are not invited and that is going to keep you saje, but if you have access to people in the astral plane who are already astral projecting, then you can meet with them there, just like you would meet with someone on the street and form a connection which will then transfer over into a connection in the physical realm. So for example, a job opportunity or a business opportunity or something along those lines can transfer to the physical aspect of that in the everyday life of a person.

39:51 Dr. Carol Francis

Powerful implications here. Can you manipulate things in the material world from an astral point of view? Can you have impact on those sort of things?

40:02 Dr. Steve G. Jones

You can and again I would apply the same, the same concept of not going where you are not invited. Also, do not, you know, manipulate anything that you are not invited to manipulate, you know such as people's lives or you know economic situations or anything official, but you can work on yourself -- that is always your best bet, work on yourself -- once you are astral projection, you can see there is a lot more to this life than just what you have been seeing in your 3-dimetional world and you can sort of get together some plan that will be a little bit more all encompassing. I believe that the great contributions to the world recently have taken this global consideration such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, all of these things that are very recent creations. If you think about them, they are taking a global perspective. They are looking at a product creation in terms of how many people can we actually help by creating one thing, and so you start to get perspectives like that.

41:20 Dr. Carol Francis

You know, you are talking about ethics like we need to have an ethical code when we walk in to these places like, I think you need to _41:27_ that we kind of cross into a whole new power. We have to kind of go "woah, this power, am I going to be trusted?" because that is one of the reasons I think we stay out of our powers, that we are not so sure we are to be trusted. Sad to say, but nonetheless, to wonder and contemplate, but what power do I have to affect a positive change and what right do I have to determine what I think that positive change would be, their dilemmas but, once you have the power to affect at something, you need to contemplate. Okay, if I can do this, I need to do something about this. So for example, I was in a spiritual group and I said "if we could affect what is going on in Syria or in Egypt and you can have some powerful impact on the leaders there so that people were not being slain or hurt or genocide, would you go do that? Would you take your astral capacities and influence, what is going on, would you go do that?" So Steven, I am going to pose that same question to you. Would you, with your powers, your knowledge, influence international circumstances?

42:00 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well I, you know, I stay out of politics and I stay out of international affair and so fort. You know, the more I learn about politics and international affairs, the more I realize I do not know and I do not really understand, you know, what is going on and why it is going on. Usually, there is a lot more than meets the eye when you look at an international situation. So the way I look at that is, you know, if I was running a business, which I am, and someone from the outside and said, "Hey, I know that answer, I know what is causing the bottle necks here and what is slowing down things there and what is causing the lack of communication there. I will just come in and spend the day and I will fix everything." But in here in _43:27_ they did that, they would mess everything up because they do not really understand the internal workings of my company and so I look at it the same way, you know, If I go, if I have you know an idea of how there can be peace in the Middle East for example, look to the concept that I have heard about ever since I was a kid, that and I went in and you know, I have my agenda. I was going to affect things in a certain way. I guarantee that I would do more harm than good because I really do not have a full understanding of everything that is going on.

45:03 Dr. Carol Francis

So I guess, yes, it is the same even though I can do the astral projection, I must recognize I have limitations here. Let us not mingle or cause complications or stuffs here _44:13_ omnipotent even though we have this additional capacity.

45:18 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Right, exactly. I mean it is kind of like The Matrix, you know, with Neo, if you watched that, the trilogy. He is obviously a fictional character but he is fictional developments in a trilogy is similar to someone's development in the world of astral projection and fortunately, he realizes the old slogan, you know, "with great power, comes great responsibility" and so he uses his powers for hood. Now obviously, he has n agenda, he is out to do something and he eventually figures at how he can work within the system to effect positive change in that sort of the whole resolution of the trilogy but he, you know, it takes that sort of mind set to realize you know, what you can do and versus what you should do and I would definitely suggest to people that they air on a side of staying out of other people's business.

45:26 Dr. Carol Francis

Again, I would wonder about this. I have a fiend of mine who is producing a movie about the _45:31_ stain of spiritual, you know, progress of pilgrimage and she called to contact me in a startle, she said "I am so amazed at what I am understanding is going on in Europe and I am concerned about the powers that are goin here" and she was overtaken by the experience of that and instead of being able to walk in her power, because she has a lot of different tools as well, she was walking in the consciousness of how big governments can be an influence in an antagonistic way in human existence and it caused me to really ponder if you spent so much time being small about our humanity that these sorts of abilities of astral projection, remote viewing from a space the United States government tried to use remote viewing in order to be able to deal with the cold war situation in Russia and vise versa. There is so much utilization of these in the military aspects and then I go to really kind of a sour moment in our history and that was Hitler, and Hitler was incredibly immersed in a cult study including what we are talking about which in those days were the _46:44_ and now has not thank fully, but he tired to use these types of powers in addition to all of his other influences. So Steve it makes me wonder, what are we possibly not utilizing because we are timid about intermingling or messing things up? The moral question about these powers...sorry to put you on the spot there.

47:11 Dr. Steve G. Jones

No, that is fine. You know, I have heard that as well, that Hitler was very involved in just using everything he could to gain the power that he wanted. He was looking in to all sorts of things. He was very much in the _47:26_ and the metaphysical world. Obviously, he had a very, very strong physical presence as well and they are manufacturing tanks and planes and guns and so fort and training soldiers. So he was just coming at it from every possible angle that he could think of in order to make the third right, you know, the one that finally took and the one that lasted. Thank goodness, his efforts did not work. But if we look at metaphysical investigation at the governmental level, might not, I do not have any insider information, I am not really too interested in what the government is doing and so forth, but I know just from looking at what the government does over time that they are very forward thinking you know, all the governments are and they have to be, in order survive and be competitive and I can guarantee everyone without knowing it, I still know it without having verified it that whatever there is in the metaphysical world that can give a strategic advantage to any country, they will investigate that to the extent of their ability. I mean look at even something on a smaller scale. Look at the police stations, if police stations had a murder to solve and they are just butting their heads against each and they do not know what to do, they will call a psychic and they will have the psychic come in and see what they can do and because they have the "why not attitude", well why not give this a shot. So, because of that and because governments have tremendous resources and they can create entire programs for these, I am sure they look into these things so, I would rest assure that whatever country you happen to live in, whoever is listening to this, your government is working within the realms of its capabilities to explore metaphysical powers and so forth in terms of what it can do for the people of that country in terms of protecting them, advancing there agendas and just staying as a predominant power.

49:46 Dr. Carol Francis

Okay, so thanks for pulling it all of that metaphysical package in there. So now, we _49:51_ Steve, we are listening to you and we know that you are one of our teachers or masters or informants about what some of this metaphysical talents or tools or techniques are and that you pulled it in in terms of _50:06_ or hypnosis and way beyond those experiences. So we remind us again our own personal powers, our own personal capacity to reach beyond the limitations of our body or are now or our moment into the metaphysical realms and integrate it all together and if you do not mind using examples of people you know without breaking confidentiality or of you own life, I think this would help people realize this is truly available, accessible and usable by _50:39_ in their everyday life.

50:43 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well. What is that?

50:46 Dr. Carol Francis

No, go ahead. Sorry.

50:49 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Okay. Yeah. Well, due to the nature of my job, you know, as a hypnotherapist, and someone who has created a program on astral projection, I have access to a lot of people who have this interest. They email my office or they call the office or I see them as clients and they have an interest in astral projections, so I have seen a lot of success stories with this so, you know, my data is kind of skewed because they are sort of around me, people who are interested in it and are successful but, I mean this part of astral projection we have had this out for a number of years now and we got a lot of feedback and a lot of discussion about it and there have just been all sorts of success stories with people reaching their financial goals because they are able to have more of a global view of what is going on with people working on themselves to resolve health issues. Anytime someone, even thinks they have a health issue, I recommend going to the doctor that is what I do. I go to a medical doctor first. And then if you want to look into other things, you know, the blessings of a medical doctor then do so. But you have to realize that western medicine has come a long, long way and a lot of times, we go looking for metaphysical solutions to things when actually, medicine has it worked out for us in a much easier way. So I always do that first and I recommend that other people do as well. But there are some things that are beyond the scope of western medicine. They just throw their hands up and they say, we are not there yet, we do not know what that is, we do not, we have a broad classification for it but we do not really know what to do for you other than make you as comfortable as possible while you are suffering with it. In those instances, using something like astral projection has been of value to people. I have had feedback on that, you know, people getting into the astral world looking at their bodies figuring out where the challenge area is and starting to send energy to it for example. So, there are a lot of situations like that where astral projection really comes through.

53:05 Dr. Carol Francis

Okay. Do you have, like, stories or people, you know, really land us on our everyday moments here?

53:16 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Okay. Let's see. Well, I have people all the time who I work with, usually online and usually they ask for support by email but they are having challenges getting out their physical bodies and they are starting not to believe anymore because it is just so difficult for them because they have made it difficult. And so, you know, one specific instance, I remember a couple weeks ago, a lady was just sort getting in or out and is going back in and she was about to give it up. She said it just was not for her. What I recommended was just being more calm. She was just, and this happens to a lot of people, she was just pushing, pushing, pushing, get to get out of my physical body. And because of that, she was creating anxiety and anxiety works against astral projection. You have to be calm in order to do it. That is why you do it so easily when you are sleeping -- that is one of the reasons. And so, just by, you know, series of emails I was able to calm her down, able to teach her some breathing techniques and she was able to do it. Now, she is able ot successfully astral project.

54:23 Dr. Carol Francis

Okay. You also say that people use astral projection to visti the dead and so I will speak to my own testimony. My mother recently passed, and we had a really tight connection. I was having dreams about her before passing and bout relatives that she would see, dreams, visits, you know it is hared to differentiate. When she did pass, there were a series of amazing events that occur that really did indicate that she indeed is present and is around, that I will not delineate. So I decided no, I am just going to use my experiences in astral projection person and go visit her and find out what is going on. You know, _55:03_ the experience of doing that made me realize that there is veil between those who have passed on and those who of us that our in body form or material form as we conceive it to be. That veil is really not all that thick and they are not really all that distant. And that was a powerful movement in my experience of what was going on. Now I can go into the deep _55:28_ verified _55:30_ because I intend to really that thing is verified and not just my imagination, but more to the point was that experiencing of being able to use it and say, "okay, I am going to go visit all sorts of different realms and you talk about using astral projection to communicate with the dead. Can you share some those experiences that you have had along with one?

55:53 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Sure, I will be glad to. I should point out that I have the video interview coming up at the top of hour which is in 5 minutes that I need to prepare for but...

56:02 Dr. Carol Francis

Okay. Very good.

56:04 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Okay. __56:05_, Yeah, I have had a lot of positive feedback about that and that is _56:12_ and you know, people have a relative who passes away and they miss their relative or friend and they want to get in touch with them and a lot of times, that is what drives people to looking into things such as astral projection online or asking around about and stumbling upon astral projection as a tool to access some of his past for example. And so, I myself have benefited from this. My mom has _56:37_ passed away when I was 6. My dad passed away about 9 years ago. And so having this tool to be able to communicate with them has been just a very wonderful thing. And so I have reports all the time from people. Just about a month ago, I saw someone in one of the spaces that we use to have our community chats talking about how her dad had passed away and she was able to use astral projection to talk to him and he did not give her you know, any last, he did not any say final words. She felt kind of something was missing there. He did not wrap it up and so when he talked to her, he did. He gave her the final word that he wanted to share with her which were of course wonderful things about how she was a beautiful wonderful daughter, he hopes for the best, you know things like that. That is what people want to hear. They want to know if the person is okay and they want to feel that love connection again and of course any methods that the person wants to share. And so, yeah, I hear things like that a lot.

57:47 Dr. Carol Francis

Wonderful. Well, that's that. Thank so much for joining us _57:50_. You can contact Dr. Steve gjones@stevegjones.com as well as at theartofastralprojection.com. Steve, enjoy your video taping. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I am going to keep the listeners on and walk them through an astral projection moment right his very instant. You have been wonderful. Any final departing words you would like to share?

58:12 Dr. Steve G. Jones

Well, I always like to end with this, which is a quote from the musical group America which says, "Oz never did give nothing to the tin man that he didn't already have." And of course, that is a reference to the Wizard of Oz giving a physical representation to the tin man is something he already had. People have to realize that they already have within them the ability to change, the ability to improve themselves, the ability to astral project, the ability to help themselves in a number of ways. But sometimes, we need a gentle reminder of that, and that is where things such as hypnosis come in and things such as programs to help you astral project come in. so I encourage people, if they need a gentle reminder of just how powerful they already are, to take advantage of these tools that exist.

58:58 Dr. Carol Francis

Absolutely. Beautifully said. Thank you for empowering us and have a great day Steve. Appreciate it so much.

59:04 Dr. Steve G. Jones

You too. Thank you.

59:06 Dr. Carol Francis

Take care. _59:7_ listeners I like to just continue on this process because it is now your opportunity to be able to walk into an astral projection and i want you to be able to close your eyes _59:17_ to do this obviously when you can close your eyes. You know, the form of hypnotherapy that is often use in these sort of thing involves me being able to help you relax. Dr. Steve G Jones has a very comprehensive system and I really do encourage you to look it up. Again, the site is called tehartofastralprojection.com. Because that will be able to help you move into something, if this simple approach does not help you move, then the more complex approaches are available for you and then not loose out on us. This is incredibly a powerful experience in people's lives. Once they are able to actually tap into it, you begin to realize that you will weigh more in your physical body, but you are also your physical body. You begin to realize that your physical body is so powerfully capable of interfacing with your mind and your spirit and your soul because you can visit a connection, a relationship with your physical body and then also move outside of that physical body while at rest and relaxed. And so now, while I am talking to you about that, just allow yourself to rest and relax and employ your ability to be skeptical because absolutely I applaud using scientific methodology or your own research methodologies. Steve mentioned why he would recommend this very simple approach to it, using a friend to write a note that you can go visit. There is so many ways of going about that. You are going to use your own as well. But right now, allow your skepticism to kind of move aside, just a little bit, like move it to another part of the room and say, "I honor you, you are valid, you are reasonable, absolutely keep me attached to reality and not just figments of my imagination, run away wonderful imagination" and just allow that skepticism to move them aside. And now, you try to vision that. Move back into your physical body and just be aware of you breathing, your heart, the way your blood is surging through your veins and your arteries. The way your feet hurt, experience their presence in shoes or bare foot or socks, whether feet are up or down, to lying down or sitting comfortably. Just go ahead and have an experience of your room. The way the air is hurting your face, the way the light is coming through your closed eyes. Just go ahead and experience all that. And notice how comfortable it is just to be comfortable in your body and you can have so much power just in your body and never do any of these sort of things and that power can be accessed with all sort of different ways, _1:02:00_, hypnosis or chose that Dr. Steve G Jones mentioned, all the tools of psychotherapy and psychology, we tried utilize them for 32 years. And so these are all available to you and honor your body's ability to be very powerful in this particular materialistic world. You are not going to loose contact with any of that and you want to expand and _1:02:20_ of that as well. Now, allow your mind to kind of ponder that beyond your body, there exist unknown realms and perhaps you have had some experience with that. Perhaps you have had near death experience or afer life experience. On that I will just share while you are contemplating _1:02:38_ your body. You know I had my tonsils out when I was 5 years old. I had this recollection clearly of seeing the nurse and the doctor as I am hovering over them in the corner of the room. I see my body, I see the doctor, I see the nurse. When I recalled that the event, I had know anxiety about it whatsoever. I did not even realize that it was an unusual event as I was growing up until I begin to hear people talk about out of body experiences. But oh yeah sure, I know that one, because when you have done that, it was so natural at that time. It was not my even knowing, I did not even know I was going into having my tonsils operating done, and here is was having a complete conscious experience of it, not in my body. So would you like at this very moment to have a little bit of that or a lot of that. So allow yourself to use your imagination. Everything that Dr. Steve G Jones and I did not elaborate on is the power of imagination. So I want you to embrace it. Your imagination can deceive you and your imagination can also guide you. Imagination has lead to every single thing that around has been invented by man can be created. First that invention came in the imagination of an individual and then a long series of processing because a materialistic object. The very phone and computer I am using for this program, the very object that you are sitting on or lying on, is invented by a human being. Chances are even if your own grass, there it is, it was planted by a human being. So we can actually tame nature, make it comfortable and beautiful for us in a tamed sort of way. So our imagination is a vehicle for what we can create. Our imagination can deceive us as well. Our imagination can also lead us to experience our bodies so that our bodies feel detached from our consciousness and you can allow yourself to have this wonderful experience of floating, that sensation of just having your mind, your soul, your being, your personality float above your physical body as if you just kind of lift yourself above your physical body and then there in that floating _1:04:51_ that sensation of white pleasant peaceful. Now, move yourself back into your body. Fell yourself moving shift, back into your physical body and feel the presence of this and _105:06_ around you, the feeling of air, the _1:05:08_, the feeling of textures, smells, the sensation of light, although do not open your eyes. All those, you can feel your body. Your body is right there. You can feel your heart and you blood, your breathing, your skin. Now, pause and relax, and once again, decide it is time to float, just a little bit of floating, just a feeling of sensation of your body being distant from you and you, rising above your body, just the sensation of floating. Like you would float on water. And even the very experience of remember what it is like to float on water, to feel light, lighter than water, lighter than air, lighter than your body, the kind that moves up and out, and relax in it. Enjoy it. And if it your imagination that gives you that sensation, at this moment, allow your imagination to support it. Just enjoy it. Because this imagination can catapult you into experiences hat allow you to journey beyond into verifiable statistical situations that you can strategies. You can strategies to be statistical about he research, you can strategize, discover what your brains waves are right now in relating to your ability to move out your body. We can strategize to experiment with all of that and we will, and we do, and we have. But right now in this moment, as you move aside the skeptical side, that you allow your imagination to once again lift yourself out for your body to float. Now, as you float above your body, try to move a little more distance. That's right, just a little bit farther away from your body. You might just experience that you have a sense of yourself moving and present with something else. Move towards that something else. Is it that you are moving toward a plant, a tree, a chair, a wall, a mirror? Move away from body and move toward something else that is away from your body with the purpose, an intention, a goal, a presence, moving towards. And in that process, experience as much as you can the definition of what it is you are moving toward. Do you experience the energy, do you experience the shape, do you experience the colors, and do you experience the presence of it? And one thing that is kind of fun to do is that are in the present or in front of what you would otherwise considered a solid form, known side your cognition that nothing is solid, that there is more space between molecules and there is solidness within a molecule, that there is more space in the wall than there is actual solidarity. But is that your physical body is out of sync with the molecule that are shifting and moving inside of something that appears to be solid outside your body? Yes! We know that by science. Now, imagine as you are lifted out of your body and moving towards the solid object, being able to float through the object. Is it through a chair, through a couch, through a wall, through a tree, through a door? What is it through? But feel the sensation of moving through. And you might have all sorts of different responses. You might pause in the middle and look around and see what the anterior is like. You might move all the way through and feel the kind of gooey, sticky presence of what you have just moved through, or it might feel that you are somewhat in harmony with what is moving or so free to move that you just move through as if it just stirs you but really present although it is a presence. And now move back into your body. Move back into your body. Perhaps some of you can actually look at your body and see your body resting peacefully, comfortably with all its physiology moving and functioning well. Move in to that body. Feel it, know it, and pop back in. And now, you are popping back in. Feel how good it is to be inside your body there might be pain that you came in with, that you have some sort of ache or discomfort, you are cold, or processing, you are dealing with inside your body. But nonetheless, it is also good to be in your body. you feel that sensation of smell that are delicious or tactile responses that are soft or smooth of comfortable, or the sense of what is around you that is making it feel pleasant to be you or pleasant to be in your space. Now, be at peace with inside your body and just note for the moment that there is an easy flexibility of being in and out. You are out of your body so many times in the course of the day when you are looking at something and experiencing it in a thought, or when you close your eyes and you are experiencing it in a daydream, or when you are pondering what your plans are going to be and what your gong to need to do when you get home and have to garden and wash clothes and wash dishes. You are moving out of your body and then to a recollection or _1:10:36_ or plan that you know, something that you know. You are accustomed to moving out of your body with your mind. And now we are saying move a little bit bigger, not just with your mind but with your sense of your essence, whatever you consider that to be. Your personal essence might be body, it might be a soul, it might be spirit, I do not know what your metaphysical or your spiritual or your perspective is, but your essence of who you are is both within the context of your body and in the context of your mind, in the context of your imagination and your daydream, in the context of your ability to plan, in the context of your dream and now int the context of your astral body, so that your astral body essence are totally different form of who you are is now able to travel away from your physical body and include your mind and your ability to perceive and include your abilty to experience what goes on. But without the _1:11:44_ of time and space. You know how you have this mental capacity to think about a wonderful idea. You can go from the beginning of wanting to write a book into the end of what would it be like to have that book done and in the matter of seconds, you have the whole book written and you are out there promoting your book. In a matter of second, you can go from the beginning of a complex issue or cast and know what it is gong to be like to be done. Dr. Carol Francis (1:12:06): And then when you move back into your body and out of this day dream or plan or process that is mentally able to captured by your imagination. You are back into your body. Remember, you have the time and the space and that to execute what your mind has just imagined is going to take time and going to take physical interaction and going to take interfacing with space so there is really no way your body is connected to time and space. Your astral body is not going _1:12:39_ time and space other than to be able to have a sense or perception of time and space. It can perceive at time and space. It can move through time and space. It can go to an actual location. It can go to an actual location any time and with remote viewing we have a sense that perhaps we can easily remote view into the future. But to go into astral time and space perception is a different, than having limitation and _1:13:09_ of time and space. So now with all that information, there you are back in your body. I put you back into your mind. Did you notice that? I was speaking to your cognition, your ability to think and contemplate and wonder, your recollection, Oh yes I identified with that, your sense of who you are. I put you back into your conscious self, your mind, who you are and what you think about and what you do and what you plan. Now let us go back into your body. So your toes and your legs and your knees, your thighs, your hips, you stomach, your abdomen, your chest, your breathing patterns. Listen to the pattern of the _1;13:51_ superficial or shallow.

1:13:54 Dr. Carol Francis

Experience your shoulder attached to your arms and your fingers and wiggle your fingers and your toes and yawn and ahhh! And experience your face and your jaws, your nose, your eyes, your hair. There you are, you are in your body. Feel what your body is touching and how it is attached in your body. Feel the pressure points, the comfortable points, feel the texture, feel the sensation of air around you and sense, even with your eyes closed, what the lighting is like. There you are, you are in your body, physical consciousness and to the degree that you can walk physically conscious, you can accentuate your power as an athlete. You can accentuate your power and strength as an exercise. You can extend your wonderful _1:14:41_ and trim of your body and this is how we use the _1:14:45_ and etc to be able to harness your physical body's capacities in this time and space realm.

1:14:54 Dr. Carol Francis

Now, I am going to move you into your astral experience. Relax and take a deep breath. Be within your body, and now experience the sensation of just kind of gently floating above your body, above your toes, above legs, above your chest, above your face, above your hands, and note that it is still but you are just slightly disengaged, slightly different, slightly away, that your body is slightly estranged, slightly distanced from you. And keep moving away, knowing you can go in and out. Keep moving away from your body. Move towards something in your environment. Choose something different. Perhaps you plan to go to a space that is in the neighbor's backyard, or maybe you are going to your car and experience something and try to find something in your car that you can identify later, to the backseat, to what is there on the floor, that is kind of hidden from your view as a driver. See what you can know about the dirt or an object or the item or something that is there or what it looks like.

1:16:02 Dr. Carol Francis

Be it brand new clean or a little bit of something there or something you left you are looking for. Just kind of take a look. That is even more _1:16:10_ of moving into your trunk. You can shift move into a space that seems otherwise completely locked and unable to be perceived by you, but there you are. You can just pass right through. All the metal and _1:16:22_ and there you are, in your trunk. Look around and you will notice that you have a little bit of consciousness that your body could not believe it fit in that space but as an astral body, you really are not confined to any sort of sense of tightness, but there you are, you are in the presence of your trunk. And look around, around your trunk. What if another light is coming in that time of day for you? What darkness is present? What are objects are there? Now notice that you might guess this is _1:16:52_you wanted a newer experience and just trying to do this. Imagine looking into your memory. Trying to access what you think you know, what you can remember, what you know you put there. What history is associated to the back or trunk of your car. That is fine. So if there is an experience with your memory but now still like you can make a shift to being present. That your very presence there, you can perceive experience. There is a type of touching that takes place, a type of seeing that takes place, a type of sensing and hearing that takes place. The thing now in that process, move back from the trunk of your car and back into your body. Go back to your body. Look it up.

1:17:53 Dr. Carol Francis

Let us go back to yourself. Let us go back to your body. Move back into your body and enjoy the sensation that you experience when you are back into the material presence of time and space, in a vessel, the wonderful vessel, the amazing vessel called your body. Move into it. Experience it with a sense of wow!. I mean after all this body has 57 plus trillions cells in it that all work in conjunction to create an identity that you call yourself. They all work together in conjunction to create that level of health you have created. They all work in conjunction to make you, an amazing collection of cells, that have your DNA imprint that written right on each and every one of them. Amazing to move into that body. Pop into it, be present within it and be so amazed with your body. Then I mention this next step with Steve and I wanted to know what he had experienced with this? New contemplation for you to go on a cellular level. But right now go to a portion of your body _1:19:07_ discomfort. Maybe it is not quite well, maybe there is something going on there, maybe there is something you want to improve a health issue and go there. And go there with a sense of love, because if your mind to go there with your memory, go there with your physical sensation now that you are in your body. Go in the presence of who that part of you is and imagine the cells inside of there, all these in variation to the things of self that are carrying out a function within this moment, that is about you being alive, that your body being alive. So you are using your imagination, your memory, sensory, experience and you are using your mind.

1:19:05 Dr. Carol Francis

Now see if you can astrally move yourself into your cell, the cells of that portion of your body and maybe thousands of them. I do not know what portion of your body you chose, then experience the energy of the cells, as if you energetically are now in the presence of the energy of your cells. And in your energy, exude love and appreciation and healing attitudes towards those cells. Love, appreciation and the energy of healing towards those cells. Again, exude love towards those cells. Exude a sense of energy, healing wonderful, amazing, delicious energy and now that sense of healing. Your contribution, mentally, astrally, imagination, the whole of all these different parts of who you can be, can be the in the presence of your physical body. You will engender something positive inside of it. Now, I am going to move quickly into another experience. And now let us talk about your finances. I want you to imagine your ability to understand money, not in terms of what you have in your bank account or your wallet, not in terms of your bills but in terms of energy. In order to be able to do that, in light of astral projection, I want you to take yourself, let yourself out of your body _1:21:28_ body that you experienced. Just float, just be in a kind of a floating non-form attitude and just wonder about your own sense of energy as a soul or an entity or essence.

1:21:41 Dr. Carol Francis

Laugh and enjoy that you are this essence. You are not attached to time or space, your body, your materialism. You are just this essence. Then I want you to experience money and finances as nothing more than energy as well as it is in essence. It is essentially that experience of just energy. The individual that make a huge amount of money have that attitude toward it and I cannot go into that more in depths right now. That it is just an energy, they are going to harness to make their lives better, to make them feel like they have succeeded, whatever their goals and motivations are. For you money, right in this moment is nothing more than energy. Now, I want you to imagine money as energy and that you are just pulling it towards you. You are pulling it towards your body and allowing money as energy, to be present and available for your body. In pulling this energy towards your environment, whether it is an apartment or house or office, car, you are pulling energy of money, wealth, richness, capacity and you point it towards yourself and you are receiving it. You are receiving it without limit without _1:23:02_ of concern _1;23:03_ because you are going to use it positively. Just assume that let that view 1:23:08_. You are pulling it towards not worrying about if you are being greedy because you are going to use in such a wonderful ways, to help you and others. So you just let that be, that is because that is going to be the way that is going to be. It is fine, do not worry about it. Pull that money towards your self and all of your selves, your mind, your imagination, your soul, your spirit, your essence, your physical body, pull it towards yourself and receive it. Receive it again with appreciation. Thank energy for being here.

1:23:40 Dr. Carol Francis

We see _1:23:40_you are now in harmony with it. Not _1:23:44_, not feeling like it is lacking but feeling like it is so plentiful, so wonderfully, wonderfully plentiful, like the 57 trillion cells in your body, the 57 trillion dollars in the world, so wonderfully plentiful. It is there, all around at ease, comfortable. And there you are in your essence, in this type of _1:24:10_ of an astral experience, experiencing money as an essence. You know money is nothing more than a human creation that we use as paradigm that keeps us organized in the commerce of our lives. Outside of that being just the currency, it is energy. It is the energy of plenty. It is the energy of plenty and you can pull on the universe that sensation of the energy of plenty. And there you are, experience it as much as you can. And what is nice about this radio show is that you listen to this over and over again to increase that experience of _1;24:54_ and you know even you just as many available takes the longest line. As do as well, many hypnotherapist do. But you have access to a plethora of individuals that can help you move into your energy, your essence and be able to summon the essence of really wonderful things to yourself as well. Let us move into that sense of love. So you as an essence, the answer with your body, the answer to your mind, the answer to your imagination, yes with the tasks and plans of your day.

1:25:32 Dr. Carol Francis

You with all of that, now in this astral experience, the sensation of yourself, without being, having to live tied down to space and time of this moment can be in your essence, an astral essence and you can be in the new experience of love. I want you to experience love as an entity that is just a presence and energy, that is just a presence and just allow it to be yours. Not yours to own and hoard and greedily cramp onto but yours to _1:26:06_ along with anybody else, to be able to receive. Let it be there. Bath yourself in it, enjoy it, honor it, appreciate it, soak it in, lavish in it, and there you are, that wonderful, wonderful experience with you, love, the essence, the energy of love. And the energy of love as you pull it towards you and you radiate it, letting every cell in that body that you just traveled from, now go back to that body. And then bring that sense of energy, bring that sense of energy of money, bring that sense of love and now move into your body and feel your body and your breathing and your heart and your veins and your arteries, your toes wiggling, your fingers wiggling, there you are. You are back there. You are right back there and you have your _1:26:59_ in your imagination, in your plans, in your physical sensations and in addition, you have this experience of money. You have this experience of love. You have this experience of this cosmos that is yours to explore and possibly to interact. You have this experience of you and allow your body now to enjoy it. Allow your body to radiate in every cell the enjoyment of that experience of love.

1:27:32 Dr. Carol Francis

Let every cell in your body just feel it, that sense of love and in like manner let every part of your body tingle with that energy of plenty. That energy of plenty that turns into a measure of our currency, of money, as we have created in a human paradigm, a human construct called money. But as the energy, allow your body to enjoy it. Allow the cells in your body to enjoy. Allow the physicality and the _1:28:05_ of an impact, the part of you that lives confined but also free to be in the time and space of who you are. The powers of astral projection of remote viewing, of out of body experience, as being removed beyond avail of life versus death, the after life experiences, all of these amazing processes are available to you. And I step into knowing that we need to do so much more scientific research to validate that these are available to you. Right now we are in the infancy of accumulating narrative information that creates a sensation in those people that this is real and narrative eventually lead to statistics and statistics eventually leads to us trying to figure out, how in the world are we going to be able to actually know that these are true honest experience is available to all human beings.

1:29:13 Dr. Carol Francis

Meanwhile, create your own narrative experiences. Experiment and do not live within the limitation of skepticism. Allow skepticism to guide you into being as objectively as you can be, in your body and in time and space. But do not allow that skepticism to keep you from expanding yourself way beyond what limits, you live with everyday. This is Dr Carol _1:29:40_. Thank you so much for enjoying this with me, the enjoyment of speaking with Dr Steve _1:29:45_. It has been amazing and move into the enjoyment of being you, bigger, broader, wonderful you. And make life happen for you and those around you in a much broader sense than you ever could imagine before this program. Dr Carol Francis 2105431824 or drcarolfrancis.com. You can reach me and let us connect on Facebook, Dr Carol Francis as well. You be well, you be big, you live way beyond those limits and let me know all about it. Take care.