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Develynique and Mr. Nobody are here to raise AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND TRUTH.

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Have you ever done something out of the kindness of your heart and regretted it later? Have you ever tried to help someone in need and somehow it turns around and bites you? Have you ever started your day with good intentions and by the... more

Confronted by police trying to arrest him for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes, Eric Garner raised both hands in the air and, with passive defiance, told the officers not to touch him. Seconds later, a video shows the officer behind him... more

Seduction is, in its highest form, far more than a one-note, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am skill: it's a ritual with a complex set of rules. It can't be too aggressive, or the element of beguiling is lost in the relentless... more

Each year, more than 20,000 children and youth under age 20 are killed or injured by firearms in the United States.1 Thousands of young people are shot by peers, family members, or strangers, either intentionally or unintentionally. Thousands... more

Side chick- the other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that is neither a male's wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship. Men having a "side chick" is really nothing new. They have been... more

American fathers get a bad rap. Unfairly stereotyped by critics left and right, male and female, at best the American father is generally portrayed as a second class parent. Worse still are the common images of fathers as deadbeats,... more

There are a small percentage of people who have no interest in marriage and will date infinitely. That's fair, and the right thing for those people to do is to let you know up front that this is only dating and it's not going any farther than this.... more

As I researched this week's topic I found that when most people use the term INTERRACIAL, they automatically think Black and White. Why this is so is beyond me and is worth further investigation and discussion. It seems that interracial... more

Do you still harbor a secret desire to give your ex a second chance? If you're like many, even as you assure your friends and family that you made the right decision to split up with your partner, you still secretly ask yourself: Why didn't I... more

Okay....it is a week old and still in the news. Solange Knowles, younger sister of Beyonce Knowles is seen on an elevator surveilence camera attacking her brother-in-law rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z. Although there is no audio to the... more