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Talk Show for the Political Junkies who are passionate about Life and the Issues . We will lay it all for y'all and don't be scared to speak your mind.

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Down South and Dirty is returning to cyberspace. The DSD Crew is ready to tackle 2015 and all the issues and news it has to bring. Hope for all of you to join us and lets get Down South and Dirty with Politics, Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports everything you love and want.
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We all heard of this 90 day rule. It has stirred up debate at parties, in the work place and is the subject of books. The DSD crew as always is prepared to dig deep and tell you what you want to know. Only Down South and Dirty can go... more

With all the increased reports of police brutality and militarization of police departments across America. DSD wants to take a look into our communities and police activity. No only discussing the police but ourselves and the actions we... more

The African-American family is in trouble! Mass incarceration, fatherless children, high unemployment, blended families. Men and Women in the African-American community are not getting along why Doesn't she need you? The... more

Out of all the issues the economy it the one that is shared by everyone and intergates all other issues. Down South and Dirty will look at the Economy and how it figures in other hot button issues. So tune it and let talk about the

Election day was major shock to Democrats and possibly Republicans as well. Down South and Dirty will look at the Election and talk about next steps. So tune in and speak up...

Tuesday is the big day Down South and Dirty will look at a couple of races and talk about the impact of the 2014 midterm elections.

Two weeks out from mid-term elections and everyone is asking these questions, What are African-Americans thinking, How will they vote, Will they turnout??? In this episode we will attempt to answer these questions and dig down deep... more

Todays electorate is a lot younger and informed than the baby boomers that are their grandparents. However this group doesn't feel like it is being heard. Why is that? How can that change? How does the establishment engage Gen X? How... more

American politics has always seeks to pray on the electorate's fear. Yes there are concerns that need to be addressed but why does fear play such a large role? In part 3 of are current event series we will look at the weeks stories and how... more

In this episode we are going to get down and dirty and discuss the culture clashes behind the big news stories of the week. ISIL vs West and Muslim Sectarian Violence, Ukraine and Russia and the centuries long conflict there. African... more