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In light of all the attention that police brutality is getting in the media, Down South and Dirty wants to take on the issue of the Police State and what it truly means past just the shooting of unarmed black men. You have cities literally... more

Review of the Week trending stories and headlines from Independent, Mainstream and Social Media

The south's history is full of event's where the powers that be are always on the wrong side of history. Slavery was abolished 20 years in the North before it took a war to stop it down south. Electricity most southern rural citizen got electricity... more

Review of the weeks headlines and trending issues.

In this episode of Down South and Dirty we have great show planned. This is for all of you House of Cards fans in this season Fictional President Frank Underwood presents a plan to cut all earned benefits and put money into a Jobs... more


Humd Day Headlines a midweek review on what is going on! Politics, News, Pop Culture. Catch up with what has been trending doing the week

Down South and Dirty is returning to cyberspace. The DSD Crew is ready to tackle 2015 and all the issues and news it has to bring. Hope for all of you to join us and lets get Down South and Dirty with Politics, Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports... more

We all heard of this 90 day rule. It has stirred up debate at parties, in the work place and is the subject of books. The DSD crew as always is prepared to dig deep and tell you what you want to know. Only Down South and Dirty can go... more

With all the increased reports of police brutality and militarization of police departments across America. DSD wants to take a look into our communities and police activity. No only discussing the police but ourselves and the actions we... more