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Down South and Dirty continues it's Series on being Democratic and living in Georgia. This week we will talk about the County Party system and Grassroots efforts to reach out to Democratic supporters in Georgia. So join Scout Smith... more

Last weeks show touched on some issues the activist and operatives and even citizens where having with Democrats here in Georgia. This week we start addressing some of the issues. Ted Terry, Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment... more

In a state were the phase "Turning Blue" has been the the lexicon for the last 4 -5 years, and the crushing Defeats of 2014, Democrats seem no closer to victory than we were 4-5 years ago. Democrats hear rousing speeches of future... more

Religion plays a lot of different roles in the world today. Some see religion as a way to focus hope better. Some brow beat others with it. Some thing religion is evil and should eradicated. Down South and Dirty will probe Religion and roles... more

Down South and Dirty wants to know do you feel that you have Brainwashed to accepting the status quo!! Do you feel that the powers to be are lying to you and not taking you seriously. This episode we are going to get Down South... more

Finally we get to talk about this important issue of Engaging each other. We have to work on building bridges and learning how to talk to each other if we want to change the world for the better. Politics, Love, Business we have to know how... more

In light of all the attention that police brutality is getting in the media, Down South and Dirty wants to take on the issue of the Police State and what it truly means past just the shooting of unarmed black men. You have cities literally... more

Review of the Week trending stories and headlines from Independent, Mainstream and Social Media

The south's history is full of event's where the powers that be are always on the wrong side of history. Slavery was abolished 20 years in the North before it took a war to stop it down south. Electricity most southern rural citizen got electricity... more

Review of the weeks headlines and trending issues.