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On-Demand Episodes

The main stream media would love to continue to pander the belief that Sanders has major gaps with African Americans. The DSD crew who are big Bernie FANS will break down what we have seen in our community. We will also talk on... more

Down South and Dirty continues to ask questions about race relations. In the movement for social justices many whites and blacks share common goals for freedom, liberty and equality for all Americans. However with rise of the... more

Progressives have two groups that are driving the edge of Progressive Policy. Feminist and African Americans, and One candidate to connect them all Bernie Sanders. Liberal White Feminist who are champions for health care, wage and... more

Down South and Dirty presents our first primetime special of the 2016 election cycle. The GOP first tier Debates. We will do live commentary and que the listening audience when to drink as we play the GOP Debate Drinking Game... more

When we think Immigration in America we think it's Latino issue. But it is much bigger than that. We have Africans, Russians and Eastern Europeans. We have Canadians who live in America undocumented but the focus is always primarily... more

This episode of Down South and Dirty will deal with the politics of the #blacklivesmatter movement. We will discuss present and proposed policy that can be directly related to the issues this movement struggles for. You know the... more

Last Sunday we gave a little background into the Black Lives Matters Movement. We this Sunday want to look at the expanded movement past Police Brutality into making our communites more viable and stable. Strong economics and good... more

Since the tragic death of Mike Brown in Ferguson MO last year we have seen the growth of the BlackLivesMatters Movement around police brutality. However there is a lot of questions on what does the movement really encompasses. Down... more

In honor of the Independence of the United States of America, Down South and Dirty is going to get into the Constitution. The Law of the Land what does that mean, how does it effect you. What does it mean to the different political... more

Outside of of the GOP and the Democratic Parties we have the Third Parties. Libertarians, Greens, Democratic Socialist and many more. The Down South and Dirty wants to talk about the goals and the aims of the the 3rd Parties. We hope... more