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The Doug Foresta Show is a self-help show for therapists, coaches, artists, authors and other creative people. The show features experts talking about how to have a successful creative life. Doug Foresta, LICSW is a licensed therapist, speaker and coach.

On-Demand Episodes

This episode features Mellini Kantayya, as she shares tips about how to find a definition of creative success that works for you, and the lessons she's learned as an actress, writer and storyteller. In this episode you'll discover: Why a day... more

This episode features an interview with world renowned speaker, coach and author Chris Widener, as he discusses transformational leadership. Learn what transformational leadership is, why it's important in business and in life, and how... more

This episode features Kyler Patterson, Marketing Coordinator at His passion is to help people from all levels - the mom and pop shop selling widgets, the thriving bike shop down the street, or even a stay at home mom... more

This episode features Introvert Coach Val Nelson as she discusses why introverted women make great entrepreneurs, and the mistakes that keep introverted women from discovering their full potential. Val also shares a special... more

This episode features Michele Risa, expert in holistic preventative medicine as she shares how to use mindfulness to achieve success and better health. Discover what mindfulness is, how to be more mindful, and why mindfulness is... more

This episode features book coach, author and expert Leeza Robertson as she talks about a best kept secret in the publishing industry: Amazon Singles. Leeza discusses how she has used this amazing marketing tool for herself and her... more

This episode features renowned speaker, author and pyschotherapist Bill O Hanlon as he discusses his own journey as a "reformed workaholic busy guy" to having enough time, money and energy. Bill shares tips on how you can... more

This episode features the return of Gail Noppe-Brandon as she shares her work with narratology and helping people re-story their life. Gail discusses how stories can keep us stuck in shame and what you can do to move through those stuck... more

This episode features an interview with healer Lucinda Smith, as she talks about the power of the mind to heal, as well as her new radio show "Healing Yourself With Lucinda Smith" Learn why the power of the mind is so important... more

This episode features an interview with Steve Martile, creator of the client rush formula, as he discusses why you should create group coaching and membership programs. Steve shares secrets and tips for what you need to get started (it's... more