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Come join us for Spirit-led ministry as we discuss current events, prophecy and the finer points of the mature Christian walk. We have some wonderful hosts - Larry Taylor with The Edge Portal, Daniel Holdings with THE CUTTING EDGE ~ Splitting the Darkness From Light, Augusto Perez with The Appearance Portal - going where no one has gone before, Darnette Taylor with Darnette's Corner, Deborah Lemke, MD with Healing River discussing the spiritual aspects of healing, Search the Scriptures For the Words of Wisdom found therein with Benjamin Baruch and Dorothy Crothers with The Finer Point. No sugar coating! Just the facts, Biblical facts, that is! Feel free to contact us for prayer or questions. Dorothy: I am now on paypal for those who feel led to donate for expenses.

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For the Words of Wisdom found therein with Benjamin Baruch Mat 24:32-33 Now learn G3129 a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Learn G3129 ανθα┬┤νω manthano┬» man-than'-o to learn (in any way): to study, to learn and to understand. What has Father to say to us during these, the end of the end of days? Where can we find His voice? Benjamin Baruch helps us hear our Father's voice, right where it has always been - in the scriptures.

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Shame is a disease of the soul that causes torment, but it is based on lies. Are you easily embarrassed, even if it is something someone else did? Do you feel unloved or unworthy? Are you suffering from social phobia, perfectionism, or... more

going where no one has gone before... Augusto teaches us more about the end time version of this most excellent Melchizedek Priesthood. 1. My Soul Longs for... more

Back by popular demand, in this Special Edition of The Cutting Edge, author Daniel Holdings hosts Watchman Larry Taylor, Intercessor Romy and perhaps Watchman Augusto Perez will join the discussion. The group will be discussing... more

going where no one has gone before... Good thing Augusto has Larry Taylor to help him heft that mailbag chock full of your praise reports, questions and prayer requests. Whew! more

Are you the one always getting sick? Perhaps you are dealing with an ongoing illness that causes a lot of physical or emotional pain (or both!) and wonder why nothing helps? Dive into the River as we discuss how blessings and curses can... more

going where no one has gone before... Augusto Perez delves deeper into the Melchizedek Priesthood of the End Times. New board is open for your use: 1. My Soul Longs for You -... more

going where no one has gone before... Augusto Perez and Larry Taylor heft the mailbag and pour out the prayer requests, questions and praise reports. more

Anxiety can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, uneasiness, and fear in our lives. It can even lead to panic attacks. Do you dread going into the office or meeting with a certain person? Do you stay up at night thinking about all the possibilities... more

going where no one has gone before... Augusto is going to teach us more about the different types of spiritual attacks we can expect in these end days. 1. My... more

Larry Taylor is joined by Augusto Perez and Tom Mack to discuss Tom's latest book 21st Century Warfare Prayers. A very timely manuscript! more
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