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Don Zusya Goodman

Don Zusya Goodman


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S.O.U.L. S.=Seven O.= Original/Oldest U.=Universal L.=Laws A show dedicated to vibing out upon the Creator's Covenant with every Nation and this Blessed Creation via the Torah Teachings of Israel encompassing our traditions dating back to Abraham the Hebrew from what he learned from Noah the Righteous Soul who built the ark that ensured the continuance of the human race until the emergence of the Nation of Israel. Our role as Israelites is to arrouse all the Children of Noah to partner with us to make the final preparations to usher in Universal Redemption actualizing via our longing for the emergence of our Righteous Moshiah/Messiah-Descendent of King David and King Solomon of the Tribe of Judah!

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Blessed is Our Creator!!! Here is kind of semi-impromptu humble effort exploring the subtle nuances of one particular blessing Israelite Patriarch Isaac conferred upon Israelite Patriarch Jacob. As well, Jacob twin brother Edomite... more

Blessed is Our Creator!! Hopefully, during our next tutorial with International Human Rights Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Goldstock we will discuss this weeks' Torah Portion Chayah Sarah. Why do we address the beginning of the Torah Teaching... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! Our Righteous Israelite Matriach Sarah Princess to the Most High was certainly aware of how many worlds are encompassed by the Infinite Creator's One World-we hope to briefly probe the above assertion via... more

Blessed is Our Creator!! Blessed Souls Adam and Eve are portrayed as being naked yet not ashamed as written in Genesis 2:25 'And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.' We should take note there is nothing... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We hope to explore with International Human Rights Activist Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Goldstock the good news shared with Israelite Patriarch Avraham and Matriarch Sarah that he at age 99 and she at age 89 will in one... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We wish to call attention to the international community of human souls Blessed with a Divine Image that on November 3, 2012 out in Philo,California the following event with take place with the Most High's... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We continue to vibe on Genesis 2:24 'Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.' Leaving one's parents for one's soul mate-humm-is that a... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We hope to continue with International Human Rights Activist Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Goldstock as we hope to vibe out on the first Patriarch of Israel-Abraham-father of Isaac-grandfather of... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We hope to vibe out the perception of going to one's true self within the context of true eternal destiny!!!

Blessed is Our Creator!! We continue with our humble efforts to vibe out on a crucial text empowering the reader to immerse his or her blessed mind and heart into a new line of thought which in reality is quite ancient in origins-namely to... more
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