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S.O.U.L. S.=Seven O.= Original/Oldest U.=Universal L.=Laws A show dedicated to vibing out upon the Creator's Covenant with every Nation and this Blessed Creation via the Torah Teachings of Israel encompassing our traditions dating back to Abraham the Hebrew from what he learned from Noah the Righteous Soul who built the ark that ensured the continuance of the human race until the emergence of the Nation of Israel. Our role as Israelites is to arrouse all the Children of Noah to partner with us to make the final preparations to usher in Universal Redemption actualizing via our longing for the emergence of our Righteous Moshiah/Messiah-Descendent of King David and King Solomon of the Tribe of Judah!

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Blessed is Our Creator!!! Brocha/Blessing and Shalom/Peace upon the Human Family Experience!!! With Creator's Help next broadcast will take place on 2/26 starting at 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time live from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unifying Souls Actually!!! Program content will focus upon the blessed soul garment of thought! Call in number is 347-838-8669.
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Blessed is Our Creator!!! We continue in a very impromptu fashion to continue with our vibings out on Genesis 2:13 "And the name of the second river is Gihon; the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Cush." As well, we hope to... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! Blessed Souls in connection to the 23rd tutorial is connected to the reversal of the 2 and 3 into 3 connected to 2=32 which is the numerical value for the Hebrew Word for Heart. Add one to 32=33 which... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! Well, well and furthermore another well-it is swell to reunite with you Blessed Souls via our 39th installment of In Search of Ancient Authentic Torah featuring our Co-Hosts Dennis Ryan and Ron Williams. We... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We continue with reading from Elisheva Barre's "Torah for Gentiles: Messianic Implications of the Bnei Noah Laws" To learn more about Elisheva Barre please check out the link below!!!... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! Welcome back Blessed Souls!!! During our last tutorial International Human Rights Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Goldstock boiled down a deep teaching from Chassidus and Kabbalah as he described women as 'fire and... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We continue to read from Elisheva Barre's work of wisdom, understanding and knowledge: Torah for Gentiles: Messianic Implications of the Bnei Noah Laws. Here is a link to learn more about Elisheva Barr:... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! We continue hopefully with our next tutorial about life, being concerned about the life of a distinguised child or adult one human soul in a human body at a time. Please note during the current Hebrew Month of Eeyar is... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! Okay! Blessed Souls we for the most part have packed away our designated vessels for Passover and putting back vessels in various areas of our kitchen. However, even though we can now eat leavened... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! Hopefully, on our next tutorial we will explore with International Human Rights Rabbi Eliezer Goldstock the connection between a unique and distinguished mitzvah/commandment Sefeerote Ha-Omer and... more

Blessed is Our Creator!!! I am humbled with the honor of being giving permission by Elisheva Barre to begin reading from her seminal work Torah for Gentiles-Messianic Implications of the Benai Noah Laws. Barre who lives as of... more
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