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Don Zusya Goodman

Don Zusya Goodman

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Blessed is Our Creator!!! I just thought about Jethro from the old 1960's television comedy the Beverly Hillbillies and then I realized this has nothing to do with our next tutorial which will deal with: who cares if Yisro (Jethro) converted to a Judaic/Mosaic Lifestyle? Why 10 commandments and not 9 or 11, 613 or even 620? Why all the drama with splitting the Red Sea? Ten plagues? Why did we rush out of Egypt? Couldn't the Creator have allowed us to resort to a passing game in stead of the ground and pound approach while we traveled and waited for 50 days until the giving of the Torah? Why keep telling the story over and over every day? Tune in, turn on, and find out more much more on our next humble effort scheduled for 1/31/13 starting at 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time here on Turtle island AKA the USA, 4:30 AM Erev Shabbos in the Holy City of Jerusalem on 2/1/13 and on 1/31/13- 6:30 PM in California don't let the Kleepose bother ya!!!

Meanwhile, please check out Rabbi Goldstock and his Wife of Valor's Chana Tova's website: http://www.hearttoheartamerican.org/services.html http://www.hearttoheartamerican.org/jerusalem.html 

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