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Don Durant a former advertising Executive with several national publications has a love for the spoken word. Law and order are more than simple buzz words. Rather they are what we as a nation are willing to fight for, and die for to maintain. A Playwrite, theater director, business entreprenuer and newspaper columnist. Thrilled by the challenge of writing what is in his heart without fear or favor. Looking above all things to get it right. His novel on terrorism, taking oplace in New York City has gained wide attention from the law enforcement community, facing a constant threat of homegrown terror networks.

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A special Broadcast on getting published, in today's special markets. Self publishing, is it here to stay? Special Call in guests to discuss their issues.

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Don't allow him to make you over. Come to him as a whole person and expect the same from him. Seek out happiness within yourself, and not waiting for some one to bring it to you.

Our Young men need a mentor. Be a helping hand to that son looking for a way up, or a way out. Be a source of a word, or deed that can help him change his view, or be confident in his beliefs.