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Don Durant a former advertising Executive with several national publications has a love for the spoken word. Law and order are more than simple buzz words. Rather they are what we as a nation are willing to fight for, and die for to maintain. A Playwrite, theater director, business entreprenuer and newspaper columnist. Thrilled by the challenge of writing what is in his heart without fear or favor. Looking above all things to get it right. His novel on terrorism, taking oplace in New York City has gained wide attention from the law enforcement community, facing a constant threat of homegrown terror networks.

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Todays discussion is on a very special breakfast meeting, I attended today on a subject near and dear to all of us. Growing Your Online Presence. This special presentation was presented by representatives of eth New York Daily News and... more

Today we will discuss, the hidden racist agenda of the Arizona Anti Gay Law, and we will speak on the cutback in the military budget and bringing our warriors home from Afghanistan. We will also speak on the hidden agenda of the GOP in... more

Prisons being Privatized, and inmates being used as Slaves. Making products and merchandise for 25 cents an hour and having these products in Wal Mart or in foreign countries. John McCain, Michelle Bachman, and Lindsay Graham acting... more

We will speak on the effects of the nephew of George W. Bush in the Rand Paul Election process. This young man is handsome, but much worse and un-informed than his Uncle W. We will speak on teh campaign on-going of John... more

We will speak on the role of corporations, where they have taken over the rights of the cirtizens, contaminating our water supply, and failing to pay living wage, and even standing in the way of a fair vote. Many fight against early voting.... more

Today we will focus on the Poli-Tricks of money in our elections. Opposition against the Keystone Pipeline and the Medicaid expansion that hurts so many families, but money is the Master. We will also speak on our original gospel... more

Todays broadcast on /don-durant will focus on giving something back. The community service mode and how we are blessed by what we do for others. Tune in, click on or listen on your phone: 718-305-6322

Soldiers coming home from war...No Jobs, no homes, no income and no healthcare. Why should our soldiers come home destitute after fighting for our survival? What can we do. The Congress, each earning $174,000 per year and... more

We will share with you the pitfalls of the George Washington Bridge Fiasco....The Sandy Funds that were never paid by the State to the Local communities... The beginning of a real scandal..Olivia..Where are you? more

Our discussion today will focus on the Bridge mishap with Governor Christie and the co-mingling of resources with Former Mayor Guiliani, and we will speak on the TPP Trans Pacific Pipeline which the President is tying himself to but should... more