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Don Durant a former advertising Executive with several national publications has a love for the spoken word. Law and order are more than simple buzz words. Rather they are what we as a nation are willing to fight for, and die for to maintain. A Playwrite, theater director, business entreprenuer and newspaper columnist. Thrilled by the challenge of writing what is in his heart without fear or favor. Looking above all things to get it right. His novel on terrorism, taking oplace in New York City has gained wide attention from the law enforcement community, facing a constant threat of homegrown terror networks.

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Our Broadcast - Part 2 of this issue is all about the Available apartments, laying dormant in the Village of Hempstead. Councilwoman, Dorothy Goosby, pointed out in meetings,a nd in public speeches the empty buildings and facilities already available; Henry St. Homes, Linden Knolls, Main Street Apartments, as well as an empty apartment building across from Stop and Shop, next to Wells Fargo Bank on Fulton. The Mayor of the Village has stated that the new buildings being developed over 5000 units, are designed for young couples, studios and single bedroom apartments, with no provision made for additonal children who will attend the Over crowded Hempstead schools. The schools now hold more than 60 students per class and a single new building being planned for Washington and Front Streets, will be composed of more than 336 units. There are more than 15 buildings laying dormant now, in the Village with no tenants. Most public parking lots are being absorbed, for new buildings, leaving no access to parking for residents, shoppers and workers; or even for Helen Keller, Churches, such as Miracle temple, St. Georges and the Spanish Counseling Center. Hempstead is the 37th most populated community in New york State.
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Today's broadcast features the stages of our lives. We are prepared to face the obstacles as we walk through this life, but it is far better to be Spiritually Grounded in order to overcome them.

Our broadecast today will focus on the war in Iraq, and the difference between Bush and Obama when it comes to war, winning and women. Join us at 4:30 pm est 718-305-6322 or click on blogtalkradio.com /don-durant.

We will explore the possibility of a Third political party gaining Strength. So many pulling and tugging against the system...Where Will It Lead?? blogtalkradio.com /don-durant or listen in on the phone: 718-305-6322 The Tea Party is already a... more

Our Broadcast will speak on the investigation and uncovering of one of the strangest losses, we have seen in a while, and one that reflects what is currently being experienced by so many families across the nation in the... more

Our broadcast will feature the spread of ISIS and what they really means to you and I. They are a very dangerous group and are positioning themselves in the place for the Rapture and the End Times. They are loning to become the... more

Our online broadcast will feature recognition of some of those we lost. Rev. Marshall Hadden, former Pastor of Holy Trimnity Church in Roosevelt, Long Island, Ms. Minnie Washington, Long time member of the St. John... more

Our discussion will center around the re-development of the Village of Hempstead, and the schemes and scams surrounding the redevelopment. How dirty are the hands of the Mayor and trustees? Has the CDA (Community Development... more

Enslaved Africans worked the fields doing work that White America didn't want to do. They were the harvester's of a nation's goods, which moved the economy, much the same as it is today with the hispanic immigrants coming across the... more

Today we will focus on three books on their way to the Harlem Book Fair. These three Memoirs, Biography and Autobiography will brighten the day for readers and will enlighten them on how to aim for success and arrive there. Ali Al-Rahman... more

The word suicide conjurs up a belif of hopelessness, and futility. It means that a person has arrived at a point of no return. Today we will speak on suicide in the community and the 22 American soldiers that take heir own lives each day. We... more