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Don Durant a former advertising Executive with several national publications has a love for the spoken word. Law and order are more than simple buzz words. Rather they are what we as a nation are willing to fight for, and die for to maintain. A Playwrite, theater director, business entreprenuer and newspaper columnist. Thrilled by the challenge of writing what is in his heart without fear or favor. Looking above all things to get it right. His novel on terrorism, taking oplace in New York City has gained wide attention from the law enforcement community, facing a constant threat of homegrown terror networks.

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Today we will explore the holding back on the names of officers solving a crime. We will discuss how an officer chasing down a robber hides out after capturing and killing the robber. This is a fallacy that must be uncovered. When a police... more

The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak...In some cases this relates to the many pitfalls confronting our active members of churches across the nation. Many men and women are attempting to walk by faith,and not by Sight. Relationships... more

Our program today will focus on teh young lives being taken away by Bullet. Advice to our Young People...You have not yet experienced the future...Invent it. /don-durant to hear what to do when teh news is blasting... more

Tune in to /don-durant to hear interesting information on or water system where you live. To listen on teh phone: 718-305-6322 while we are on air. Nassau County like so many other communities across the nation are... more

Our broadcast today on /don-durant will feature a view on the retirement of Eric Cantor,a nd how he is leaving the people of Virginia in a sling. We will also discuss the CIA Director john Brennan and share how he... more

What does it Profit a man to Lead the whole world and walk away with those hating him? Picking Cotton, or Leading a Nation requires dedicated spirit. President Obama is just suchj a man whether doing something small or large. he... more

Our Sunday morning Broadcast will focus on the killing, Murder and savage war going on in GAZA. How many children must die in order for the point to be made? Women, Children and innocent men, who are not part of HAMAS are dying and... more

Today's Broadcast we will focus on the Rockaway Reunion...This special Seaside community after many years is continuing it's tradition of celebrating the family. The family found in a community of caring people. I attended church in this... more

In a letter sent Monday, White House Counsel offered to brief Issa a California Republican on the role of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, that is only days before the office's director David Simas is under subpoena to testify on... more

The Broadcast today on /don-durant will focus on the Putin War. The U.S. is having great difficulty finding willing partners among the Europeans during this crisis in Ukraine. Putin has so muddied the water with Snowden... more