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Don Durant a former advertising Executive with several national publications has a love for the spoken word. Law and order are more than simple buzz words. Rather they are what we as a nation are willing to fight for, and die for to maintain. A Playwrite, theater director, business entreprenuer and newspaper columnist. Thrilled by the challenge of writing what is in his heart without fear or favor. Looking above all things to get it right. His novel on terrorism, taking oplace in New York City has gained wide attention from the law enforcement community, facing a constant threat of homegrown terror networks.

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We will speak on the Private prisons that harm and torture so many. Also: How many times must we endure the killing of a Black man by the police? This end of year Broadcast will focus on the questions of unfair law enforcement, and... more

Todays broadcast is speaking on Steve Scalise and Michael Grimm. Why is it we have to endure the Vitters of the world where a Congressman elected by the people is allowed to get away with everything short of murder, and still be... more

Our conversation this week has been all about torture, and now the Congress is fighting against reconciling with Cuba. We have accepted Torture as a way of life even though it is not how we as a nation have operated in the past.... more

Deliver Sound Doctrine...And the People will follow. How many of our faithful leaders are still standing? How many of our strong Pastors are still leading? How many of our people are lost due to faulty Teaching. There are many wonderful... more

Today we will spek on the failing schools in our communities. Hempstead High School is one of these schools in a failing District. Principal Stroghn called a meeting of concerned citizens and professional together to discuss a range of... more

Today's broadcast will speak on teh benefits of writing a book to reflect on the life, and times of you and your family. THE STORY OF THE DIMES is just such a book, on teh life and loves of Reverend Lillie Mae Ragland. She... more

Our broadcast today will focus on the incarceration of innocent prisoners, who have been locked away even when DNA PROVES THEIR INNOCENCE! Kent Leroy Clark is just such a person, DNA conflicting with his own, was not enough... more

Our broadcast today will focus on the failure of the Jury to step in and send this police officer to trial. It is a very bad indication that when young Black men are killed in the streets by Policemen and a Grand Jury fails to indict, it sends a... more

In our cities and communities, the wealthy have begun buying up assets. Detroit is selling buildings for sixty cents on the dollar and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel has been bought by China for two billion dollars. In New Orleans the people are still... more

Today's Broadcast qwill feature the President and his image. So much success and yet he doesn't blow is own horn. This is a damaging effect of his success, and a cause for the failure of Democrats to come to the polls in the recent... more