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A show about D/s relationships and the BDSM culture hosted by Michael Makai, author of Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook. Topics include the complex world of Domination/submission, online vs. real- life relationships, collars, customs and protocol, D/s relationship pitfalls, getting involved with local lifestyle groups, and the challenges of being tooty-fruity in an oh-so vanilla world. Your calls are welcome, so join the discussion!

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Have you ?come out? to your friends or family as a member of the BDSM lifstyle? Are you thinking about doing so? Are you ready for it? Could you lose friends, opportunities, or even your job as a result? What are some of the things you... more

Aftercare. 50 mins (Original air date 10/10/13). What is aftercare? Is it true that everyone needs aftercare following a BDSM scene? Does that include Tops, as well? What are some of the reasons why aftercare is so important? Are there... more

What is it about a collar that so beautifully symbolizes the BDSM lifestyle? Why are collars important, or are they? What is the history behind the collar? How is a collar similar to, or different, from a marriage? These questions and more on... more

How to Spot a Predator (Prerecorded 6-5-2014) This is a rebroadcast of a "Best of D/s Radio" episode - "How to Spot a Predator" Join Mike Makai and his co-host, primal switchy masochist Lil' Red, as we discuss the BDSM lifstyle and... more
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