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A show about D/s relationships and the BDSM culture hosted by Michael Makai, author of Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook. Topics include the complex world of Domination/submission, online vs. real- life relationships, collars, customs and protocol, D/s relationship pitfalls, getting involved with local lifestyle groups, and the challenges of being tooty-fruity in an oh-so vanilla world. Your calls are welcome, so join the discussion!

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Join Mike Makai and his co-hosts: erotic fiction writer LB Shaw, professional fetish model Lolita Sinn, and primal switchy masochist Lil' Red, as we discuss the BDSM lifstyle and related topics, including D/s relationships, fetish groups and events, BDSM toys and equipment, scenes and skills, safety and social protocols, and much much more. Join Michael and his guests, or call in yourself with your questions and comments! The guest call-in number is (347) 857-1862.
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On-Demand Episodes

D/s Radio: Electricity Play! (Thursday, 7/3/14 8pm EST) Who knew that the very same stuff that lights your bulbs and powers your hitachi wonder wand could also be used to turn your crank? Tonight we discuss TENS units, EMS units,... more

D/s Radio: Gua Sha / Coining (A Form of Abrasion Play/Therapy) 8pm EST Learn about the ancient asian art of Gua Sha, sometimes referred to as coining or coin-striping. This millenia-old art has been practiced throughout asia for... more

D/s Radio (8pm EST Thurs 6/12/14): Lochai Stine & Rope Bite International On tonight's show we'll be interviewing Lochai Stine, professional rope artist and rigger, and the founder of Rope Bite International. Lochai will tell us about what... more

D/s Radio: How to Spot a Predator (Thurs., 8pm EST) What are some of the yellow or red flags you should be on the look-out for when getting to know people in the BDSM lifestyle? What makes someone a "predator", verses simply... more

D/s Radio: Social Media and BDSM (Thurs. 8pm EST) How is social media used by people in the BDSM lifestyle? Which social media platforms are best suited for kinksters? What are some of the dos and don'ts when it comes to social media... more

Tonight on D/s Radio (Thursday 8pm EST): Protocol! What are the "unspoken rules" that are taken for granted in the D/s and BDSM lifestyles? How do you learn them? What happens if you violate them? Do they vary from place... more

D/s Radio: Are You a Switch? How do you know, for certain? Are there different kinds of switches? What are the differences, and why does it matter? Find out on tonight's show! Listen... more

Tonight, our special guest is ShadowCat90, who'll be discusing the wonderful world of Primals! This is a "best of" repeat broadcast of D/s Radio, originally broadcast on 6/20/2013 Join Mike Makaias he discusses the BDSM lifstyle and... more

The Pseudo-sub Brat. At what point does a Brat Submissive become a Pseudo-sub? Join Mike Makai as he discusses the BDSM lifstyle and related topics, including D/s relationships, fetish groups and events, BDSM toys and... more

Major Fetish Events. Have you ever considered attending a major fetish event or convention, but were unsure of what to expect, or whether it would be worth your time and money? In this show, we will give you the inside scoop on what... more
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