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Doing Gnosis

Doing Gnosis


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This program is designed to give you the tools you need to cultivate a direct, personal relationship with God, and the whole of your own being.

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Today I discuss the two elements needed to ensure an ongoing, and ever evolving relationship with God, as well as the Sethian view of God, and the emanation of the Aeons. Drawing from all three versions of the Secret Gospel of... more

Come join me as I discuss the essential figure of the mediator. What Jung called the anima/animus. Our relationship with the deep reaches of our own soul depend on this figure. Learn what it is and how to approach it, and how it manifests in... more

This podcast will deal with the instincts, the archetypes, the Self, and the Collective Unconcious.

This is the first in a series of supplemental lessons that are designed to answer questions and clarify where needed or asked for. This lesson will deal with the Ego within an Individualistic vs. Communal Social Structure. This lesson is to... more

Join me as I discuss the Jungian concepts of the Complexes, the Shadow, and the Persona. This is a difficult set of subjects to cover, but necessary for a complete understanding of the psychological process of cultivating Gnosis.

The Ego has been devalued in the modern Spiritual community. Learn why a strong Ego is necessary for the cultivation of self knowledge and relationship with God.

This is the first and core guided meditation in our discipline. It is in story form, and the technique is embedded in the story. It is short (the program just over 15 minutes, and the meditation is roughly 10 minutes), but when you extract the... more

Every system works on the basis of its jargon. Jargon is the use of language specific to a context. For example, the language of fashion is different than the language of football. We need to define the theories and concepts that we will... more

Doing Gnosis is a program design to be a companion to the Lubbock Gnostic Havurah Hokmah. This is not a program about the historicity of Gnosticism, or any tradition claiming that heritage. This is a program designed to give you tools to... more