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Dr. Brenda Wade, America's Modern Love doctor, transforms love relationships and heals lives as a guestspert on shows like Dr. Oz, The Today's Show through her groundbreaking seminars and books. Follow us and "like" us on Facebook and Twitter!

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When Dr. Joe Martin claims, ?a man is a terrible thing to waste,? he's not joking. In his own words, he says: On the surface, I had it all. I was the first in my family to graduate from high school; graduate from college (early, at the top of... more

Best-selling author Gregg Braden merges his expertise in leading-edge science with present-day realities to reveal the strategies for embracing stressful change in our lives. Tonight he will help you answer this question: How do I make... more

Joyce Schafers says her most challenging pattern to overcome has been in the area of her intimate relationships. In every significant intimate relationship she ever had (except for the one she is in today!), she continually found herself... more

Whereas spoken words, texts, and emails are fleeting, a gratitude letter is tangible and long-lasting. It is world-changing to its recipient, it's saved and savored every time it's read, and it can even become a healing part of your family... more

After receiving a BA in Political Science from Boston College, Maura Sweeney left law school mid-stream to pioneer her own path to passion and self- determination. A former nationally decorated corporate manager and home schooling mom... more

Everyone gets nervous or anxious from time to time—when speaking in public, for instance, or when going through financial difficulty. For some people, however, anxiety becomes so frequent, or so forceful, that it begins to take over... more

Aurora is the author of ?From Heartbreak to Happiness?, an intimate diary of healing that shares Aurora's process of healing after her husband died suddenly at the age of thirty-three, leaving her widowed with a four-year- old son.... more

Brenda K. Reynolds' work is based on the premise that ?plan A is an illusion, so we need to get good at plan Be?— learning how to be with the uncertainty we cycle through time and again at work and in our personal lives. As... more

Kelli Cooper went from broke, adrift and depressed to a world-traveling solopreneur. Since 2011 she and her husband have been living the digital nomad life, funding their adventures with multiple sources of income. Kelli loves... more

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