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Dr. Brenda Wade, America's Modern Love doctor, transforms love relationships and heals lives as a guestspert on shows like Dr. Oz, The Today's Show through her groundbreaking seminars and books. Follow us and "like" us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Get ready, Modern Lovers! Tonight we're tackling an issue that's bedeviling mothers everywhere: how do you deal with the precious daughter you brought into the world when she starts to see you as her archenemy? Colleen O'Grady is... more

Did you know that how you take care of your pets has a direct correlation on your love life? Consider this: The saying "love me, love my dog" may have some basis in reality: A new study suggests that pets can influence how we... more

Are you happy, successful, and understood… ? In your work? ? In the most important relationships in your life? ? In the communities where you live and volunteer? If so, congratulations! That is what we want for everyone. But, if there... more

?Aging is not inevitable.? That may sound like a radical sentence but more and more research is showing this statement to be true. Tonight on Modern Love, we will explore the fascinating connection between medicine, mindfulness and... more

How do you go about making important decisions? Do you go with your gut reaction? Do you make Pro vs. Con lists? Do you consider all options then choose the best one? if you could get in a time machine, what would you... more

This is a special encore presentation of Modern Love with Dr. Brenda Wade. BRYAN REEVES Bryan's journey has taken him from a disciplined life in the US Military Service to his current, free-flowing purpose as a powerful inspirational... more

Tonight we have a VERY entertaining show about a secret addiction of mine: Downton Abbey! (Tell funny story about why you loved the show) My guest tonight says Downton Abbey as a show and pop culture touchstone has a lot to teach... more

Children are much more likely than not to grow up in a household in which their parents work, and in nearly half of all two-parent families today, both parents work full time, a sharp increase from previous decades. What hasn't changed: the... more

Sex. It's a big topic in our lives but so often gets swept under the sheets…Ever find yourself visualizing steamy scenarios to get yourself turned on? You're far from the only one. Tonight's show is about how to get out... more

Truth and love don't seem like opposites, but they can be. Someone can use truth as a weapon, hurting others. Someone else can try so hard to save someone's feelings that they fail to confront some serious issues. How do you navigate... more