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Preparedness Radio Network™ (PRN) is the premier Internet source for information related to Prepping, Individual and Family Preparedness, Self-Reliance, Urban, Suburban, and Ex-Urban Homesteading, and Survivalism. Whether you're urbanite, suburnanite, or ex-urbanite, PRN has experienced hosts who inform, advise, enrich, and entertain you as you prepare for the uncertain future! Given the state of the Nation's financial wrangling, economic upheavals, political craziness and moral issues dominating the news, perhaps it just makes sense, as never before, the we be prepared or become better prepared for the uncertain future... We're all survivalists--we need to become more capable of taking better care of ourselves and our community to assure we can endure the certain calamities that are just over the horizon. We're neither doomsdayers nor gloomsdayers, but we can see the writing on the wall! Join us as we provide answers to the questions and you will gain useful and practical solutions for the problems created by the times in which we live!

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Today's Episode: How to Make Homemade Cider, Mead, Wine and Beer. John and Tammy have an information-packed show today, so have your note pad handy and be ready to rewind! They describe the basic equipment you need... more

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7:00-8:00PM CT: Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller of Millers Grain House and Grain Storehouse. Just what goes on when Preppers Get Together? Tonight on Your Preparation Station with hostess, Donna Miller (of Millers Grain... more

One of Vickilynns best shows Happy Holidays all

One of Kals best shows Happy Holidays all
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